#78: Email marketing, Prospecting, and more!

Hi, it's Jói again.Email has been on my mind recently, both email marketing and trying to manage my o

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Hi, it’s Jói again.
Email has been on my mind recently, both email marketing and trying to manage my own inbox. I can hardly function without adhering to Inbox Zero, but for the last couple of months I haven’t managed to. Slowly getting back to normal though.
You’ll see that all of the articles this week are about email marketing or outbound email. As I learn the ropes of running this newsletter, I’ve been reading a lot about email marketing, and in my startup CrankWheel we’ve been cautiously trying a few outbound approaches so I’ve been reading about those too.

Tool of the week
Tools I actually used recently
Geek Flare Website Speed Testing Tool
Pretty Links – Custom Link Posts for Facebook
Tools discovered recently
Ship by Product Hunt
Lead411 | B2B Sales Intelligence Platform
Audio Rip - Download direct from YouTube etc.
Zillable™- Make Work and Innovation Happen™
Articles for this week
How I’m Transforming My Life by “Cold Emailing” Complete Strangers
Collection of the Most Used Email Copywriting Formulas
How To Get 1,000 New Email Subscribers In 30 Days
10 Simple Steps to Generate Revenue Via Transactional Emails
50+ Cold Email Templates & Follow Up Cadence Examples
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Do you use the telephone as a sales tool? And email? If you’d like a 3rd tool that’s just as reliable and easy to use with your prospects, check out my startup CrankWheel. It’s a specialized screen sharing tool for sales that works every time with no preparation required and without any hassle. It lets you show your prospects stuff as if they were sitting right beside you.
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