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The Startup Resources slack group is growing quickly (reply and let me know if you want an invite to

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The Startup Resources slack group is growing quickly (reply and let me know if you want an invite to it) thanks to listing it on hamsterpad. And we got listed in the INC article about best business Slacks, which feels good. 
Per usual, here are a few articles and tools for the week. Let me know if you have any articles or tools to suggest for the next issue. 

Articles for this week
97 Best Slack Communities for Entrepreneurs |
5 Steps to Building Your Brand with Slack — Medium
Growth is a system, not a bag of tricks - Manifesto Conference Q&A video/transcript at andrewchen
How I Used Medium To Get My First 20,000 Subscribers In 6 Months — Medium
How to Get Good at Making Money
Tool of the week - So people debate whether Twitter is dying or not, but it’s still got 300 million users, and it’s worth using for traction and advertising (probably). I see converting traffic to my online dating startup from its twitter, and I use Twitter to grow audiences for all my projects. But what I’ve been looking for recently is an awesome solution to help manage posting and queuing. And then I found DrumUp. It’s like Quuu + Tweet Jukebox + Buffer. What I like about it most is that it gives you a feed of articles with images to choose from, and you can select which ones go in your queue to post later, which is great for keeping a stream of relevant material going out. DrumUp also has a feature in which you can create your own tweets and schedule them to repeat at a certain interval for a certain amount of times total. Between these two features, it’s easy to create a blend of your own promo tweets and interesting articles going out to your Twitter audience. 
Cool tools I found or used this week - I have some trouble focusing, and I also wear headphones while I work, often just listening to static. But now I listen to, which is awesome because it generates a sort of ambient / electronic music that is similar to binaural beats, which supposedly seem to help force your brain to focus. They also have sessions for relaxation and sleep. I’m a big fan. Listening to it right now. 
Tapfiliate - There’s a lot of affiliate systems out there, but they all look like they were created in 2003. Except for Tapfiliate, which is actually a really well designed turn-key affiliate system. It’s great for e-commerce and SaaS companies. If you’ve been thinking about trying the oldest growth hack in the book, affiliate marketing, then Tapfiliate is a system I’d recommend (others I like are Post Affiliate Pro and LeadDyno). and Startafire - I’m putting these together because they’re pretty similar. If you want to draw attention to your own stuff when sharing articles, then is great if you’re promoting a site/service and Startafire is best if you’re promoting your own content. Basically it puts a badge on the article you share (via twitter or whatever) with a Call To Action. Check out an example from my own use
Datatables and Tablesorter - I’m eager to build out, but I need a nice way to create tables with all the information, and have it sortable by clicking a column heading, so that people could rank affiliate programs by percentage of commission shared, or whether it’s two tiered or not, et cetera. Both of these solutions will do the job I need. I think I’m going with DataTables, personally. 
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That's it for this week.
Have a great and productive week.
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