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It's another beautiful Friday, so it's me, Jói, back again at the keyboard. Speaking of something so

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It’s another beautiful Friday, so it’s me, Jói, back again at the keyboard.
Speaking of something so seemingly simple as typing things in using your keyboard, how often do you stop to consider the incredible sophistication of our modern computing environment?
This particular keyboard I’m using beams my keystrokes over Bluetooth wireless to my laptop, which runs the JavaScript language in a browser - itself a platform-agnostic computing platform - to present the Revue newsletter editing environment to me, as it sends keystrokes over the office wireless network and then fiber to the Revue servers (through dozens of packet switches along the way), where they get stored in a big ol’ database running in a datacenter somewhere, before getting puzzled together into an email delivered to a couple of thousand people in the span of a few minutes.
These days, we take all of this intricate technology for granted, but it would seem miraculous to a time traveller from just 50 years ago. All of it created by people just like us. Now enjoy the newsletter, then go build something great!

Tool of the week
Dropbox Paper | Grow bigger, brighter ideas.
Tools discovered recently
Lyrebird | Create a digital copy of voice
KeepSolid Sign
Brandmark Logo Maker - the most advanced AI logo design tool
Reshot | Free stock photos
Jumprock | Send emails from your static site | Recruit sales talent or find a sales job
Articles for this week
Join Leap: An Online Community for Women – Y Combinator
25 Gmail Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before
Trickle-down workaholism in startups
How We Got Our First 100 Customers, Built a Blog to 50,000 Monthly Visits and Grew A Wait List Of 1,300 People
Google's Digital Garage | Boost your digital knowledge
That's it for this issue
Thanks for reading. As always, it’s a privilege to put these newsletters together for you.

P.S. At my main gig, CrankWheel, we recently changed our sales model to put a lot more emphasis on giving freemium users more value, and upselling those who get the most value out of it. As part of this change, our free-for-life plan now lets you start using CrankWheel with any size team, within commercial usage limits, and even if you use it a ton you’ll still have at least two months before you’d need to decide whether to upgrade. If you or someone you know needs a tool to help them make more sales by doing better product demos faster, please help spread the word.
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