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It's Friday! Time to kick back, put your feet up and nerd out to another issue of this newsletter 🤓 I

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It’s Friday! Time to kick back, put your feet up and nerd out to another issue of this newsletter 🤓
If you haven’t heard of this week’s tool of the week, well, it’s time to explore. Telegram is growing like crazy and some people have started using it as a new type of social media (through channels/groups). Are you using it already? I’d love to hear about your use case if you’re using it in a new or unusual way!

Tool of the week
Telegram Messenger
Tools discovered recently
Doctual | Easily Create, Sign and Manage All Legal Documents
Push More | Webhooks to send messages via Telegram
TextTemperature | Text analysis API
LeadsBridge | Disruptive forms
Monday | Simplify the way your team works
Article of the week
A framework for picking and funding your business idea
Articles for this week
Infographic: How To Use Amazon To Acquire Customers And Build Your Brand
How I Raised $300k in 30 Days (And Why I Went to the Dark Side After Being a Hardcore Bootstrapper)
The things I’ve wasted money on in my startup and what I learned from them
Sink or swim: why bootstrapping will make you a better entrepreneur
That's it for this issue
I bought a window a couple of days ago, and had trouble steering it in its shopping cart out to my car, because the wind was strong and the window acted as a sail. It reminded me of a time I went skiing recently, when the wind was strong enough that if I angled my back just right, I could get it to push me to a bit of speed on a level surface.
These two events got me thinking there are many types of ongoing forces, both permanent and intermittent, that can act on our startups like wind does on physical objects. Is there a “wind” your startup could use to push itself if you added some “sails” and angled them just right? If you manage to harness them, these forces can propel your businesses to some speed for zero cost. We have one of these for my startup CrankWheel in the form of a very favorable listing in the Chrome Web Store, built over time, that gets us a large number of installations every month with more or less zero effort on our part. I hope you find your “wind”!

P.S. If you’re looking for a remote developer, I always recommend checking Upwork and Toptal. Upwork is an open marketplace with a very hit and miss quality level, but you can find real diamonds in the rough and often at great value, whereas Toptal only lists fully vetted, “top 3%” developers and provides a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied the first couple of weeks. If you end up checking out Toptal, please do me a favor and use our affiliate link to help support this newsletter!
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