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Hi, it's Jói, pumped that it's Friday again. How has your week been?

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Hi, it’s Jói, pumped that it’s Friday again. How has your week been?

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LeadQ | Qualify leads faster
FirstPromoter | Affiliate and referral tracking for SaaS
Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Sutori | Visual stories
Full Page Screen Capture | Chrome extension
Articles for this week
SaaS Product Validation Techniques
Product Monetization Strategies
Content Marketing Analytics: 11 Ways Data Can Inform Your Content Strategy
Don't Let Your North Star Metric Deceive You
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I have a question for you to think about. I spent this week on vacation in sunny Barcelona with my spouse. It rained a couple of days, and something I noticed was that as soon as it was about to start raining, in any of the popular tourist destinations you would see folks pop up, selling cheap umbrellas for €5, that they probably bought off Aliexpress for under €1 each. Now, it would be hard to sell these while it’s dry, and once it’s started pouring it’s too late, but somehow they manage to hit that sweet spot where you can tell it’s about to rain, or it just started drizzling, and that’s when they probably make 90%+ of their sales. Which leads me to my question: What’s your “umbrella moment” for your business? The timing or circumstance where you can make a sale very easily?
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P.S. Need someone to help you with your business plan, or even with fundraising for your startup? I’ve talked about Toptal before, but mostly for programmers. They also have financial professionals to help your business, who are vetted as being in the top 3% (and there is the same money-back guarantee for the first couple of weeks if you find that things aren’t working out). If you end up checking out Toptal, please do me a favor and use our affiliate link to help support this newsletter!
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