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Hi and welcome to a wonderful new Friday! This one is special, especially for folks in Europe like my

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Hi and welcome to a wonderful new Friday! This one is special, especially for folks in Europe like myself, because it’s the big GDPR day! You may have noticed a flood of emails in your inbox from various companies you had forgotten you ever gave your email, telling you about their updated privacy policies or asking you to confirm you want their newsletter because (unlike us) they neglected to have you properly opt in to begin with. The reason for all of these is that GDPR took effect this morning.
I believe all subscriptions to this newsletter have always been through an explicit opt-in, but as a special reminder in the spirit of the day, you can unsubscribe any time in one click by using your personalized unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.
Is your business good to go with regards to GDPR? It needs to be if you have any customers in the EU or EEA, or if you process any personal data on behalf of others who may have customers in the EU or EEA. As a reminder, I wrote a free step-by-step guide for startups and small businesses that I hope will be helpful for you should you need it.

Growth tip
Content marketing is something a lot of us are doing. If you’re not, then think about whether it would make sense for you to regularly write blog posts (or have a ghost writer write) on a topic related to your business, or get more advanced and create infographics or other resources.
One of the things folks often neglect to do in content marketing is to properly promote the content they put out. Often, once you’ve written something and blasted it out on your own social media and maybe your newsletter, you’re a bit tired and you may end up not doing any further promotion.
My best advice here is to have a checklist to follow once you’ve published any new pice of content. Over time, you can add new ways of promotion to it, and remove the approaches you’ve found aren’t worth the time. Without that checklist, you’re just as likely to forget about some of the neat approaches you discovered along the way. Another nice thing about a checklist is, it’s pretty easy to train your virtual assistant (if you have one - and if you don’t, you should consider finding one) to perform most of the tasks on the checklist.
Here are some ideas you may want to use for your checklist:
1) Post it to your company’s social media accounts and other owned outlets such as your newsletter (just make sure your newsletter subscribers clearly opted in for this kind of content).
2) Submit to relevant (or completely open) aggregation and content syndication sites such as Digg, BizSugar, Hacker News, StumbleUpon, and others you’ve found folks in your niche read.
3) Syndicate to Medium, your LinkedIn account as an article, your Facebook account as a note, any other (relevant) blog site you own. Just link back to the original article so your main blog location gets the SEO juice, ideally as a canonical source (Medium does this automatically if you use their import feature, and for WordPress you can use the free Yoast SEO plug-in to set the canonical link).
4) See if you can use your article to answer relevant questions on Quora (i.e., post a proper answer and refer to your article as a source for more info), or whether you can post it as a resource (or in response to an active discussion) on relevant LinkedIN groups or Facebook groups you belong to (ideally, use your syndicated version for this), and check if you’re able to post it to reddit or copy it in its entirety to a relevant subreddit. Be careful to post quality answers/responses/new posts to these groups, not just some kind of boilerplate that is obviously just promotion for your content, or you will hurt your reputation. Be especially careful with reddit - make sure you read the rules of each subreddit very carefully, and ask the moderators if you’re not sure.
5) Submit to paid content promotion/syndication networks. The one I like and use is Quuu Promote (and if you use that link to sign up I’ll get some bonus promotion credits there 🤓) but others I’ve heard of but not used include Outbrain, Taboola and
6) Don’t forget the value of posting to your own personal social networks, not just your company’s social outlets, and asking some of your friends and colleagues to share. For some articles, this is where I’ve seen the strongest response, although this will differ widely based on the subject matter.
Tool of the week
FYI | Search and organize all your documents in one place
Theme of the week: Starter kits for SaaS
Let’s say you’re planning to start a new SaaS service, or a customized subscription site. You’ll need development skills or a developer with you (for all but the last option), but these ready-made starter kits on several different technical platforms can save you weeks or even months of development by giving you many of the features common between all or most SaaS applications right out of the box.
PHP/Laravel: Spark
Ruby on Rails: Bullet Train
JavaScript/Meteor: Pup
JavaScript/Node.js: Hackathon Starter
Python/Django: Pinax
No code / visual code: Bubble templates marketplace
Articles for this week
GDPR Compliance Checklist for Human Beings and SaaS users
Looking to start a business? 6 reasons why you should begin by teaching
GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
That's it for this issue
The sun is shining (not that common in my neck of the woods) and it’s almost the weekend. Have you made any summer vacation plans? Don’t be so busy building your business (or getting ready for GDPR!) that you leave no time to enjoy life. Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. This newsletter is made possible in part by my main project CrankWheel, which is a screen sharing solution for inside sales and telesales teams. We have a free-for-life plan that you can use solo or in a team, check it out and tell your friends!
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