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Hey, it's Jói, with another issue, because it's Friday. Why Friday, you say? Because there is no bett

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Hey, it’s Jói, with another issue, because it’s Friday. Why Friday, you say? Because there is no better way to end the week than to put this newsletter together for you - plus that way you have the whole weekend to play with all the new tools 🛠

Productivity tip
Last weekend, I was re-painting a wall that we just installed a new window into. While waiting for the paint to dry, I put a load of laundry into the washing machine, and once I got that going, I started a build process as part of a scheduled update of the CrankWheel service. There were more start-then-wait tasks like these, I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say that the rest of the day was spent juggling to finish the post-wait bits of all these tasks.
A lot of projects are like this when running a startup or small business. Marketing, for example. Most of many marketing projects is project management: Starting someone on something, and someone else on some other part, then waiting for people to finish before you can take the next steps, etc.
You can get very good at juggling all these bits, but sometimes I feel like the highest impact things you can delegate to others are all these myriad start-then-wait tasks, because they take up so much headspace and distract you so much from your higher-impact work.
For some processes, you can create checklists and train e.g. your VA to run the checklist without your input. For more complex work, think about whether folks on your team who already work on bits and pieces of projects can take over the project management from you.
Tool of the week
Ghost | The professional publishing platform
Tools discovered recently
LaunchPass | Charge for access to Slack teams
RawShorts - Explainer Video Software
sociograph | Analytics for FB groups and pages
Tiimis | All-in-one planning, chat and reporting
SpamHound | Filter text messages (iOS/Android)
Podcast of the week
a16z Podcast: Network Effects, Origin Stories, and the Evolution of Tech
Articles for this week
How Kiplinger uses Facebook ads to grow its newsletters
Want To Make Better Decisions? Do This
Stripe Atlas is not for everyone; caveats based on my experience.
How to Use Pinterest: The Insider Guide for Businesses (With Strategies From the Pinterest Team)
That's it for this issue
Tomorrow, the Icelandic men’s soccer/football team is playing Argentina in the World Cup. Wish them luck, or if you’re Argentinian, then may the better team win ⚽️

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