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Hey, is that you again, reading these words? I guess that means it's Friday again. Wow, that week wen

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September 21 · Issue #129 · View online
Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

Hey, is that you again, reading these words? I guess that means it’s Friday again. Wow, that week went by fast!
Let’s dig into this week’s batch of tools and resources.

Sponsor of the week 🏷
CrankWheel | Screen sharing for sales
Tool of the week
Redash | Visualize your data
Tools discovered recently
Simple Analytics | Simple, privacy-friendly analytics
FontForge | Open source font editor
Content Genius | Content ideas generator
Telemonetize | Monetize your Telegram channel/supergroup
Resources discovered recently
SaaS 1000 | List of the Top SaaS Companies
Slack Chat Groups | 2000 communities
Articles for this week
My magic response to "Hey, can I pick your brain?"
What the heck is Product-led Growth?
How to teach yourself hard things
Keyword Research: The Complete Beginner's Guide For 2018
99 B2B SaaS Growth Hacks to Try Today
That's it for this issue
Thought experiment for you: If you had to pick just one task/bit of a project to work on for all of next week, and you could just pause all the other noise while you did it, what would it be?
Second thought experiment for you: What would happen if you just committed to working on that one task for a significant chunk of next week, and mostly paused all the other noise while you did so? Turn off notifications, check email just a couple times a day, etc.? I bet you things wouldn’t fall apart, and you’d make significant progress.
If you try this, let me know how it goes 🤓

P.S. Make sure to check out our wonderful sponsor, CrankWheel. I really had to twist their founder’s arm to get the sponsorship, which was tough because twisting your own arm is harder than it sounds.
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