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A lot more articles this week than usual, but nothing wrong with that, right? 

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A lot more articles this week than usual, but nothing wrong with that, right? 

New user submitted startups this week
BlinkEval - BlinkEval addresses the most common challenges of traditional employee Performance Reviews by allowing employees to quickly provide real-time individual performance feedback to their colleagues and other stakeholders. Real-time feedback enhances employee engagement, improving productivity, retention and organizational effectiveness.
Zenbership - Zenbership is open source software that provides membership-based small businesses & organizations with the tools they need to acquire, convert, and retain members. The program is designed to combine multiple tools into a single platform, freeing up businesses to focus on efficiently marketing their services rather than trying to manage them.

Cool tools for this week
Snipcart - Want to add a shopping cart to ANY website easily? I personally love working with static sites, but adding integrations and ecommerce features to those can be a pain. Snipcart makes it easy to add ecommerce and a shopping cart to your site. 
Userbob - UserBob provides affordable user testing of your website or app. Enter your URL and UserBob will recruit users to visit your site and record a video of their experience as they talk out loud about what they are thinking. It’s like but WAY more affordable. 
Startuplister - There are a LOT of places to submit your startup, between lists, directories and curated sites. You’ve got plenty of other stuff to do, so why not have a company submit to 70+ directories for you so that you can work on other battles? Startuplister will take care of submissions for you, and they can also reach out to journalists too while they’re at it. 
Duplicate Post wordpress plugin - I’ve been working on a couple different Wordpress sites lately, and I think being able to duplicate a page should be a core feature of Wordpress, but sadly it is not. The Duplicate Post plugin adds that functionality and it immediately became my most used plugin. 
Tapfiliate - After ten years of business, I’ve finally decided to add an affiliate program to my screen printing company (reply if you’re interested in 4% of any sale you send our way…). There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, but Tapfiliate looks the best and seems easy to implement. Plus they’ll help you figure out how to implement it with whatever systems you’re using, which is key for me since we don’t take payments via the site, just the initial contact. Plus one of their affordable plans allows multiple affiliate programs, which is awesome since I have 3 or 4 services that I want to add affiliate programs to. Definitely check out Tapfiliate if you want to grow your business. 
Tool of the week
Survicate - Having really small surveys all over your site can help improve conversion and the visitor’s experience. Survicate does that in an unobtrusive way. This is something that I definitely want to set up for my own sites to understand what visitors think of every page. And it now connects with Intercom to put the feedback directly into that system (read more about that).  Survicate also has exit intent strategy, so instead of trying to snag someone’s email address when they leave your site, you can ask what would have made them stay. A unique and interesting approach to customer discovery and conversion optimization. 
Articles for this week
How Snapchat Built a Business By Confusing Olds
Product management tools for startups — Listen To My Story — Medium
5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Create a Slack Chat for Their Customers — Hamster Pad Magazine — Medium
10 hacks to blow up your instagram account
12 Ways to Use Social Listening to Grow Your Business
How to Find 10,000 Sales Prospects on Linkedin in 10 Mins
15 Blog Post Ideas That Will Actually Help You Make Sales
How to share content to 50 locations in 2 minutes - Shushnote - You Cannot Ignore UsHow to share content to 50 locations in 2 minutes - Shushnote - You Cannot Ignore Us
Book of the week
How to Sell Anything to Anybody - How much can startups learn from 1970s business strategies from the world’s best car salesman? You’d be surprised. Everything in the book has a modern day equivalent. His “birddogs” would now be affiliates. His index card system to keep track of customers would be something like and a good CRM. He’s got an inspiring entrepreneurial story, too. If you’re into hustle, sales and marketing, this is a great read. 
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