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Another Friday, and I'm typing this on a Windows machine because my trusty old MacBook Pro decided to

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Another Friday, and I’m typing this on a Windows machine because my trusty old MacBook Pro decided to finally go to the spa for a few days of diagnostics and probably replacing the graphics card after over 4 years of faithful service.
It is only now that I realize how incredibly ugly the emoticons I use at the start of the headings below look on Windows. Come on Microsoft, you can do better! 🤢

⚙️ Tool of the week
Quip | Collaborate and take action
🛠 Tools discovered recently
VoxGun | Assemble videos, get voice-overs
Twilio <Pay> | PCI-compliant payments over the phone
Trix | Drop-in rich text editor
Credit Card Payment Form | Adam Quinlan
Danal | Phone verification for mobile apps
You Don't Need WordPress | Create a blog with Google Docs
🤓 Articles of the week
The Digital Marketer’s Guide To Google Ads (2018 Rebrand) - KlientBoost
How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows
How to optimize SaaS landing pages for rapid comprehension
Unslacking Tideways Company
😢 That's it for this issue
Until next time! Sorry for the ugly emoticons, Windows users. If you start a petition for Microsoft to change them, send me the link and I’ll sign it 😁

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