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I've been tackling some SEO projects, so I thought I'd talk about some of those tools this week. Hit

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I’ve been tackling some SEO projects, so I thought I’d talk about some of those tools this week. Hit reply and let me know what awesome SEO tools I’m missing out on. 
Here’s this week group of articles and various tools. Have a great weekend.

New user submitted startups this week
TaskHusky - Your business depends on a fast, smart, sleek website. You can depend on TaskHusky to make it happen. TaskHusky has expert Web Developers on call for any and all small tasks for Shopfiy, WordPress and Bigcommerce platforms. They work on a task-by-task basis so you get exactly what you want done quickly, with satisfaction guaranteed. Need it extra fast? They have express service with a 4- hour completion time. Need multiple tasks? Set yourself up with one of their packages. Visit to get started. TaskHusky takes the stress out of your success.
Tool of the week
LeadFuze - Email marketing can be powerful, but what about email sales? Directly reaching out to potential customers can be an awesome traction model for SaaS startups, or service companies. And you can use LeadFuze to take some of the pain out of an email campaign in two major ways: by using their software to gather prospects’ contact information, then automating the outreach sequence. Powerful stuff. They’ve recently released an updated system, so that’s why I’m mentioning it in the newsletter. I found their customer service to be excellent too, when they helped me get set up. 
Some tools from this week
Revue - If you’re thinking of running a newsletter for your business or just to grow an audience (worth it, by the way), I’d recommend Revue, which is obviously what I’m using for this newsletter. It’s free if you have less than 200 subscribers, and it’s crazy cheap if you have more than that. I saved $44 a month by switching the newsletter from Campaign Monitor to Revue. They also just added Zapier integration, so now the subscribers I get via OptinMonster can go straight to this newsletter’s suscriber base. Wonderful. 
Carrd - #1 on Product Hunt Wednesday, Carrd is by the same guy who created Pixelarity, a theme site from which I get most of the themes for my project. Carrd is designed for single pages / landing pages / waiting pages. It’s super quick and easy to build out a page, kinda like, but more intuitive and versatile. 
Get Worm - Early bird specials for startups. Interesting idea, because if you like using startups and also getting discounts, it’s a welcome service, and if you have a new startup and need some traction and can afford to discount, it could be a good traction model. I want to use it for a couple upcoming projects. I’ll report back on how helpful it is. 
Product Hunt Watch - One thing that kind of sucks about Product Hunt is the chance that some random person can put your project up there, and then you blow the chance to prepare a very profitable/useful Product Hunt launch. Your startup could hang out in Product Hunt purgatory at worst, or maybe you wouldn’t even realize you were on the site. Product Hunt Watch simply lets you monitor to see if your startup gets listed without your knowledge, and alerts you if it does, so that you can spring to action and try to promote the posting, and participate in the discussion.
Siftery - Ever wondered how the unicorns and successful companies get traction, monitor their brand online, or build their stacks? Siftery shows what services and software various companies use to run the show. 
Recommended SEO tools
SEO is still an important marketing channel for everyone, and I believe it always will be. The game keeps changing, but here are some tools that I recommend to make your SEO life a lot better.
Moz - Moz is awesome because it lets you easily grade all your pages and tells you how to better improve it in detail in order to rank better for your desired key search phrase, plus you can run analysis on your competition and monitor them, and also keep an eye on how you rank in the SERPs. I loaded up 8 projects into Moz this week and I’m excited to see them raise in the rankings.
SEcockpit - This is the most detailed search volume research tool that I know of. Inside a seed phrase like “corporate event planning” and it’ll give you hundreds of related phrases, with volume versus difficulty and other factors that make it easy to figure out what phrases to target with your site. I always find new directions to go in when I research phrases with it.
SEMrush - Want to crush your competition in the search rankings? SEMrush lets you analyze all of your competition’s efforts, including display and paid search. Then use their sets of tools and project management to go hard in the paint to outrank your competition.
Small SEO Tools Backlink Checker - A simple and FREE tool to find every single link to your site (or a competitor’s site) so that you can figure out where all your links are.
Google Disavow tool - Did you see with the backlink checker tool that you had links to your site from spammy nonsense sites? That could be a blackhat attack, or maybe you just bought a bunch of cheap links back in the old days before Penguin / Panda changed the rules. But those cheap links can be hurting you, so you can tell Google to not associate them with your site anymore. Proceed with caution and read this guide first.
Yoast - If you’re doing SEO on a Wordpress site, the Yoast plugin will make everything a lot easier. It will grade each page and let you know what you’re missing to make it really SEO friendly. Also, it’s not that easy normally to set META for each page, but Yoast makes it easy. Get it. 
Articles for this week
How to Know if Your Online Marketing is Working | Signpost Local Marketing BlogHow to Know if Your Online Marketing is Working – Signpost Local Marketing Blog
10 Chrome Extensions that help You to be more Productive
Dark Patterns - User Interfaces Designed to Trick People
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Product Hunt’s Rise — Medium
5 Counterintuitive Lessons for Founders - Techstars
Doing Random Crap Does Not Work — Medium
How's your outsourced developer?
In an email the other day, a customer asked me about my experience outsourcing development. I gave him a crazy long reply because I have a crazy long story of the ups and downs of outsourcing development, but in a nutshell, when I use Toptal for development, I’m happy, and when I hire anyone else, it’s a disappointment. I’ve been working with a part time developer from Toptal since January, and he’s just been wonderful. He’s fast and easy to work with. And the pricing really isn’t that bad per hour considering the quality of his work. If you’ve been experiencing the outsourced developer blues and want to change it up, or if you’re looking to start off with the right development company, I always recommend people check out Toptal.
That's it for this week.
I’m going on vacation next week, and will really try not to work. We’ll see what happens. But I’ll be sending you fine people the newsletter per usual on Friday, so don’t worry! 
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