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Hey everyone. I'm actually on vacation this week, so this will be a kinda brief issue!  Anyone ever s

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Hey everyone. I’m actually on vacation this week, so this will be a kinda brief issue! 
Anyone ever sold a startup before to a buyer, not in an acquisition? I’m thinking about doing that, so if you have an experience to share, please hit reply and tell me about it. 

Tool of the week
Signpost - A pretty clever solution, Signpost asks your customers to review your company after they try your service. If they give you a poor review, it lets you know what you could improve with your business. If they give you a positive review, they encourage the customer to share that review online. So it’s a brilliant tool for both exit interviewing for customer discovery and business improvement, AND a way to improve your social proof with reviews. 
Articles for this week
Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store could be the most important launch since the App Store | TechCrunch
From 0 to $1B
The REAL reason Slack became a billion dollar company
How To Collect Customer Feedback | 42 tips for effective surveys that get results
22 Reasons Why Your SaaS Is Losing a Ton of Money (And How to Fix That) - Social Listening Academy
Case Study of a Failed Startup — Startup Autopsies — Medium
Kolossal failure: 10 lessons I learned from burning through $50,000 on a hardware project that bombed
Some tools from this week
Flippa - A huge marketplace for buying and selling not just domains, but built out affiliate sites, startups, and web apps. 
DigitalOcean - I moved a startup from Heroku to AWS, and I regret it. I should have moved it to DigitalOcean instead, an easier to use and way more affordable host for startups and web apps.
OptinMonster - If you’re not gathering emails on your website to grow your newsletter, you’re doing it wrong. And while exit-intent popups can get annoying, they’re really effective. And OptinMonster has a lot of different styles and methods that you can use to make them both really effective AND not annoying. It’s what I have on
Epic Beat - When I was trying to figure out who to reach out to as part of a content marketing campaign, I tried both Epic Beat (free) and Buzzsumo (pretty expensive) and I was actually more impressed with Epic Beat. If you want to find influencers or bloggers to connect with as part of your traction plan, try Epic Beat
Formspree - Implementing forms on a static site can be a pain, but Formspree is super easy to use. Gather data with the forms and get it emailed right to you. They host it, so you don’t have to add any PHP or anything to your site. Works on any platform.
Gravity Forms - If you’re running Wordpress, Gravity Forms is a pretty elegant solution to forms, and the nicest thing about it is the easy integration with Zapier, so you can take your form data and plug it into your email system, marketing automation, drip, write it to a google sheet, dump it into Trello, etc etc. 
That's it for this week.
Join the Slack group at or via Hamsterpad and talk about your startup, traction, best tools to use, etc. It’s a good group. Almost to 100 people now.
More next week!
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