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Another beautiful week in the Startup world. Here are some articles and tools for you guys to look ov

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Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

Another beautiful week in the Startup world. Here are some articles and tools for you guys to look over.

Tool of the week
Responster - Responster is about giving current survey tools (surveymonkey, typeform, g forms, etc.) a makeover and boosting response rates by helping surveys to display perfectly on any device, from a TV-sized monitor down to a smartphone. In short, we’re about surveys respondents actually *want* to complete. Responster is primarily used for collecting on-site feedback, either online or in stores via iPad kiosks. Many other users take their surveys to startup conventions and industry trade shows. Created by a startup, for startups and SMBs.
Articles for this week
30 Best Conversion Optimization Case Studies
New Research: The Best Time to Tweet for Clicks, Retweets, and Replies
The 11 digital tools I use every week as Head of Product — Medium
Change Your Name
On Page SEO Guide - The 80/20 Of It All
Lead Magnets: 11 Ways to Get More Subscribers | VideofruitLead Magnet: 11 Ways To Turn Readers Into Subscribers
Some tools from this week
Pixelarity - I got yet another theme for a new project from Pixelarity, so I thought I’d mention it. $19 for three months worth of access to a buffet of nice HTML5 templates. It’s what is built on.
Digital Ocean - I mentioned this recently as a good and affordable hosting option for your site or startup, but I forgot to mention that you get $10 off if you sign up via our referral link. 
Text Me, Slacker - If you want to run a SMS campaign, in which followers and users connect with you via text, and you want to run all that via Slack, this is a great solution. 
Equity Directory - Want to hire someone for equity? Want to work for equity? Equity Directory connects those who want to work for equity to those who want to hire for equity. (I think you can involve some money too, if desired.) 
Follow Up Then - Including this (again) because I use it every single day. Email with something, and it will come back to you tomorrow, so you can not worry about it today. I use that a lot to remind myself to do something tomorrow. Or send yourself a note to (the shorter domain) and you’ll get it back EOD. Forward info about your flight to so that you have it fresh again the day before you travel. Or use it for sales. If you’re trying to close someone and they say “I may need your service in a month” say “OK!!” and BCC The possibilities are endless. 
Refind - I love Refind because everytime I open a new tab in Chrome I see interesting articles and tools that the people I follow shared. And follow me for interesting stuff that don’t put in the newsletter.
Customer Discovery Ninja - If you want your Startup to work, you need to use customer discovery to figure out what people need, not what they want. You must find the proper problem to solve. And you do that by talking to people. And Customer Discovery Ninja is a system to connect you with people on demand to talk to, via the phone. It records the conversations so that you don’t have to take notes, and can focus on exploring what problems people need solved, and find your direction. 
ABOT - Want to build your own personal assistant? This open source project is built on the GO programing language, and you can add all sorts of plugins, or create your own, then text your new little friend and ask him to find you local restaurants or whatever. Like Siri, but way more work. Great if you’re into building things.
Goat Attack  - I saved this for the last, because it’s the stupidest “tool” I ever put in the newsletter. I just spent $1.19 of my hard earned money to have 14 pictures of goats with captions texted to my little sister, to bother her. Out of love. Today is april fool’s day, after all. Her response: “Wtf guys I’m being attacked by goat via text!!!” Worth the $1.19.

Looking for a Startup community to join?
Someone who joined the slack was asking about other places to connect with entrepreneurs and Startup folks in order to share ideas, wins and results. Here’s what I suggested for him (note these all are paid communities, but the Startupresources Slack is free if you want to join us, just reply and let me know)
7 Day Startup Pro - Run by Dan Norris, the founder of WP Curve. There’s a free community, but I’m part of the paid community, including the Slack. Lots of interesting entrepreneurs in the group, motivated to launch something quickly to validate. If you like the idea of “just launch it and see if anyone cares, then figure it out”, The 7 Day Startup is your cup of tea. 
Secret Makers Society - I discovered Justin Jackson through Product Hunt, where he launched the 2016 Maker Challenge in order to make 100 projects this year. My kind of guy, a little nuts with a ton of projects. But if you’re into making multiple projects too, the Secret Makers Society might be right up your alley. 10 spots left as of today. 
Startup Foundation - If you’re looking for bang for your buck with a Startup Slack group, this is it. Startup Foundation has a helpful weekly newsletter, but even more helpful is the Slack group, which has 4778 members at the time of this writing. Tons of different specific channels, like growth or tools. This is actually where I go when I myself need to find a specific tool solution for something. It’s $29 one time donation to join. 
That's it for this week.
More next week. I’m off to get the new iPhone 6se. Anyone else have that? 
Have a great weekend
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