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I finally put up a March income report, check it out if you're interested. Next month, I'm going to s

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Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

I finally put up a March income report, check it out if you’re interested. Next month, I’m going to start keeping a weekly growth journal, if you want to follow along with the tactics and tools that I’m trying out. 

Tool of the week
Growthority - If you don’t have enough time to devote to growth hacking, why not outsource it? It’s too important to not do properly. Growthority takes over the early stage growth for many startups. It’s basically outsourcing your startup’s growth hacking needs to an outside team that will focus on it and deliver for you. If you can’t spend a lot of time on marketing/ growth hacking, or you’re not sure you have the skills necessary and don’t want to bring someone in house, Growthority may be right for you. Growthority offers a 10% discount to StartupResources users. Just let them know you learned about it here.
Want to buy one of my startups?
Really. I have a startup that provides critiques and rewrites of online dating profiles. And it’s for sale on Flippa. Just reply and let me know if you have any questions about it.
Some tools from this week
More tools than usual this week, because I’ve tried to add them randomly all week long. Know something that should be in here next week? Reply and lay it on me. 
LOLcolors - I’m a decent writer, and an okay site designer, but I am definitely NOT a graphic designer. I’m looking for a new color scheme for because reviewers keep saying it’s too bland and the boring blue is actually pretty polarizing. LOLcolors is where I’m going to find a new scheme. It’s curated color palates, all together on a page, and you can tell easily which one is most popular. Perfect if you’re not an artist but need to pretend to be one.
Maitre - A waiting list solution that actually works for virality. Share a special link after you sign up, and if anyone else signs up via your link, you move up in the waiting list. Awesome too for both virality and increasing demand by limiting who gets to use your startup early on.
Hi Seth -  Seth is your personal SMS business coach. Every day, Seth will text you a new growth hacking idea, actionable tip to grow your business, or something motivational. Seth can also keep you accountable by allowing you to set goals.
Bing Ads - If you use Google Adwords to advertise, you might as well check out Bing. It’s very similar, and the pricing and click through rates can be better. They also have retargeting, just like Google, so if you’re thinking about using Bing later, go ahead and put the tracking code on your site so that you can start building an audience.
Site Builder Report - At Site Builder Report, Steve tries every website builder so other people don’t have to. He even pays for website builders with my own credit card to uncover sketchy billing practices. His goal with Site Builder Report is to create the ultimate resource for choosing a website builder. So he maintains a comparison table that compares website builders side-by-side, runs customer support tests to find out who has fast customer support (and who’s slow) and updates every review after 9 months to make sure they’re up to date. - From one of our Slack group members: “Seems like a solid product. Their real value is the incredible research they do. Navigate to their blog and request access to their Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Startup Genome Report.”  Other than the research, it is a really solid dashboard to track all your metrics and transactions.
Eloquent Javascript - Remember “choose your own adventure” books when we were kids? This online book to teach javascript is just as exciting in a nerdy way, because you can fool with the sample javascript code on the page and execute it. I’m starting to learn javascript and this is what I’m using, and it’s well-written and fun to ready.
Pure Chat - Startups can see who’s on their website and start a conversation with the most qualified leads for free using Pure Chat. Pure Chat allows businesses to view their website visitors in real time with details like what page the visitor is on, whether they’ve visited before, and what site they were referred from. Once the best leads have been identified, teams can proactively reach out to connect with those prospects.
Secr Scanner - Find and fix your vulnerabilities fast with Secr Scanner. Easy to use, continuous and powerful vulnerability scanner made for developers. It will try to find the holes in your site, so that you can patch them up before anyone else finds those security holes!
Ninja Outreach - Getting attention to your blog or project can be super difficult, so it makes sense to try to get people with their own audiences to mention your project to their following. Ninja Outreach makes that easier, with four million influencers in their database that you could connect with. It’s basically a CRM for outreach efforts, which is unique, and includes a Chrome extension to let you hunt down contact information for influencers that you come across online.
AdEspresso - If you’re serious about getting the best CTR with your Facebook ads, use AdEspresso to take all your variations on image, copy, and headlines and run a ton of Facebook ads at once so that you can see which has the best CTR and CPC, and then trim the fat. 
Snack Nation -  SnackNation is a b2b healthy snack delivery membership. Think of Netflix but with Snacks! They help companies become more productive, making their office more attractive to potential new hires and keep their teams happy. By eliminating the hassle and time spent ordering snacks every month - Employees can focus on the more important tasks. SnackNation takes curates monthly boxes based on your feedback - after each month the boxes become designed around your taste preferences. Like Netflix and it’s recommended for you feature. Didn’t like a snack? Let your dedicated account manager know and you’ll never get it again and you can return them for the SnackBack guarantee.
upperHound - Like to get emails with discounts to SaaS and PaaS services? Want to promote your SaaS/PaaS with a discount? upperHound will take care of both of those for you. 
Traffic Junky ad network - If you want to get your service or startup in front of Pornhub’s audiences, it may prove to be a really cheap advertising network for you. CPC is often as low as $0.03 for me when I advertise my screen printing company on there. Advertising anything that isn’t porn makes your ad stand out from the rest of the page. Eat24, a food delivery app, found great traction with it. Worth checking out. 
Podcast of the week
MegaMaker - A fun and very well done podcast out of Canada, by a crazy buddy of mine who is trying to create 100 projects this year. 
Articles for this week
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That's it for this issue
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