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Per usual, some tools and articles.  I'm adding a section for discounts for our audience. If your ser

Startup Resources

April 22 · Issue #19 · View online
Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

Per usual, some tools and articles. 
I’m adding a section for discounts for our audience. If your service or startup has a special offer for readers, please reply and let me know and I can share it next week!

Tool of the week
Rocket Lawyer - I found these guys originally because I was looking for a decent privacy policy generator, and they have a really nice privacy policy/TOS generator for just five bucks (I still have yet to find one that’s free out there). They have all the legal documents you could need for starting a startup or online business for a monthly fee, including Q&A with their attorneys. So whether you need a Trademark or formation documents or any of hundreds of other documents to get your act together without having to hire an expensive attorney, Rocket Lawyer will work for you.
Some tools from this week
Virtual Staff Finder - Finding a VA on your own is tough, but Virtual Staff Finder makes it easy to find a qualified intelligent virtual assistant to help reduce some of your personal workload. 
Toggl - I wanted to find a way to keep track of time spent working on a website, so that I could hit a daily minimum of hours as I focus on that project. Toggl is a great solution for keeping track of hours, whether you’re a self-disciplining solopreneur, or a hourly freelancer. 
Ask Nicely - Super simple to setup and use, even more simple for our clients (they can score us from right within their beautiful email) and totally branded (very important for an NPS survey). Also, such an awesome way to get good feedback soundbites to use on website testimonials etc. (Thanks to Keren from Weirdly for suggesting this one!)
GetWorm - Want to promote your startup? Offer a discount and GetWorm will share it with their audience. Want to find discounts for new startups? Check out GetWorm. 
SmartBribe - Do you have a lead magnet on your site? After people give up their email address in exchange for your offering, you can use Smart Bribe on the “thank you” page and offer another even more enticing freebie or tool in exchange for them sharing your site on Facebook and Twitter. 
Growth Geeks - Looking for help with your content marketing, copywriting, Social Media growth? Growth Geeks has tons of vetted experts who can run your outsourced campaigns for your various growth hacking needs.
SEcockpit - I’ve been using this a whole lot to run SEO volume research. It’s awesome because you can put in a seed phrase and it will return tons of ideas and information, all with detailed data on volume and how hard it would be to rank for the phrase
Tapfiliate - I’ve seen so many affiliate programs, and this is the only one I know of that actually looks modern, and is really nice to use. If you’re thinking of using an affiliate system to grow your business, check them out. 
e-commerce Affiliates - Looking to promote your affiliate program? Or trying to find more affiliates to promote? Leaddyno (another nice affiliate system) is building a great marketplace to showcase affiliate programs.
Microworkers - Similar to Mechanical Turk, Microworkers connects you with a ton of digital workers who will do small tasks for you. Need people to take surveys, review your company on Yelp, give their opinion on your logo, etc? Microworkers could help. 
Discounts for our Audience
ProdPad - Product management software for teams - 50% off on their first 3 months for Basic, Plus, and Premium packages with the code “startupresources”. They also have a starter plan for $20 for a whole year if you’re bootstrapping! 
Dreamhost - $50 off a hosting package for new customers. I’ve used Dreamhost for years and they’re a really solid hosting company. Great support and very affordable. 
Podcast of the week
If you like Australian accents and startup business talk, check out The 7 Day Startup podcast with Dan Norris, founder of WP Curve
Articles for this week
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Building A Startup Doesn’t Make You Special. — Life Learning — Medium
That's it for this issue
I hope these are helpful. Let me know what tool you found this week that knocked your socks off, and I can share it next week with everyone.
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