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This week, let's focus on some tools to improve your social media life. Someone finally made a fully

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This week, let’s focus on some tools to improve your social media life. Someone finally made a fully automated Instagram posting tool, and it’s tool of the week.
Plus some other great tools, discounts for you guys, and articles (of course).
Also, I was interviewed by Petovera a while back about getting to #1 on Product Hunt, and if you’d like to watch me ramble about the experience, check it out here. I share tips on having a successful Product Hunt launch. 

Tool of the week
HopperHQ - Hopper is a fully automated Instagram scheduling tool. Upload images from dropbox, google drive or you computer. Edit, filter and crop the image online then chose your posts time. Hopper is fully automated, no push notifications. Simply queue up you post and Hopper does the rest. There’s even a bulk upload tool. 
Tools to help automate your social media marketing
IFTTT - Want to automate tasks, so that your Instagram post also goes to Twitter, for example? IFTTT (If This, Then That) makes it real easy.
Zapier - Want to go way more hardcore automating tasks? Zapier is like IFTTT to the extreme, allowing you to customize further the interopterability between your tasks, so that you can automate data moving between 500+ applications. It’s so advanced, you could build basic services and startups with just Zapier.
Crowdfire - There is a classic Twitter growth hack in which you follow the people who follow similar Twitters, and since those followers are obviously interested in the topic, some will follow you back. For example, if you were an accounting firm who specializes in helping people with their Xero account, you should follow everyone who follows @xero. Follow a bunch, wait a day or two, unfollow those who didn’t follow you back, and do that over and over. It works, and Crowdfire makes it easy.
Pocket - When I curl up at night with my iPad, I use Pocket to read all the articles that I save from Refind and across the web during the day. Pocket is also awesome because you can use IFTTT to automatically make any article you tag “startup” or whatever go to a specific Twitter account via Buffer. 
Buffer - Ah yes, Buffer. Buffer is awesome to spread out your posts to Twitter and Facebook. You can build up a queue of articles, but have them go out slowly instead of a quick onslaught. Easy to use.
Quuu - Speaking of queues, Quuu is a pretty great service if you want to Tweet or otherwise post relevant content to your audience consistently. Choose the topics you’re into, and it will automatically put articles into your Buffer account. And even better, if you are a blogger or a writer, you can pay a very small amount to submit your articles and have them automatically go out to a ton of Twitters. Super easy way to promote your content.
UpFlow - Really similar to Quuu, another service that provides relevant content for your social media audience. 
DrumUp - DrumUp is like a really nicely executed combination of Buffer and Quuu and Edgar, and makes it really easy to add visual content that they suggest (based on your interests) to your posting queue, PLUS you can add in your own tweets / articles to go out on a regular schedule. If you get just one tool, get this one. ($10 off a paid plan with this link)
Edgar - Schedule tweets and Facebook posts. Edgar’s main raison d'etre is to allow you to intelligently reuse your posts, getting more life out of them in an easy way. 
Social Oomph - Schedule tweets and use other Twitter tools. This is like Edgar, but more affordable.
Instagress - Grow your Instagram passively by automating liking, commenting, and following. This is actually the tool that inspired me to build (because I couldn’t remember the name!). 
TweetJukebox - Why use a tweet just once? TweetJukebox allows you to schedule and reuse tweets, and also share your library of tweets with other users (a good way to promote some of your content), as well as use other people’s tweets in your feed (a good way to keep your outgoing content fresh).
Growth Geeks - If you want to affordably outsource your Twitter and Instagram growth, Growth Geeks has social media growth hackers that you can hire to take care of it for you. It’s pretty cheap, very effective,  and will save you a lot of time. 
Good Audience - Want to totally have someone else take over your Social Media for your business? Good Audience will provide a team for that. Includes management, growth and posting. 
Some tools from this week
FindThat.Email -  Built out of the team’s own need, Find That Email infuses different data sources in order to find email addresses. They claim to be always 100% accurate without using any “scraped” data. I signed up and am so far pretty impressed. 
Dynamic Drive FavIcon generator - There are a ton of FavIcon generators, but I’m including this one today because I needed to make a favicon for and this easily made one that actually looked smooth and not blocky. 
Flippa - If you want to sell a domain, app, a full site or a startup, Flippa is the premier marketplace to list it. 
Petovera - Petovera works with you monthly to improve your sales funnel, combining tools, copy improvement, funnel techniques, lead magnets, content marketing, everything needed to improve taking your site visitors from down the funnel to actually buying your service or product. 
Follow Up Then - The other night I found a recipe I wanted to cook the following night. I didn’t need it until I got home, so I sent it to, and boom it came back when I needed it. I use this tool every day, so I’m including it again. Send an email to and it will come back at Christmas. A customer says he doesn’t want to order for 3 months? BCC and you won’t forget to follow up and close him. Great tool. 
Systemly - Gurus who focus on InfusionSoft to create done-for-you sales funnels and implement marketing automation within your business.
Dreamhost - They now have free SSL certificates for all domains hosted there, and I thought that was worth mentioning to you guys. 
LastPass - A buddy was helping me implement Stripe in an MVP, and I used LastPass to share my passwords with him, but in a way where he didn’t have my actual password, just the ability to use it temporarily. LastPass is awesome for sharing passwords as well as storing them. 
Pingdom Website speed test - The service I always use to test my site speed and figure out what’s making it slow. 
Discounts for our Audience - This is one of my projects that I want to share with you guys. 20% off with the coupon “SRnewsletter”, good for the rest of the year. 
Responster - Responster is a startup whose game is creating a survey building and sharing tool that over-delivers for businesses. Responster is free for unlimited responses and surveys, but also has a suite of advanced features reserved in their “Plus” plan. That plan is 50% off (which comes to a measly $9.50) for anyone who mentions after creating a free account. 
Perfect Audience - $120 worth of free ad credit towards your first campaign via this link
DrumUp - $10 off any paid plan via this link
Dreamhost - $50 off a hosting package via this link
Book of the week
Profit First - Imagine this: A really enjoyable book about accounting. “Profit First” takes the GAAP method of accounting, and flips it around so that you focus on profit first after revenue, then use what’s left for expenses. It’s a healthier and safer way to build a business. The author is totally open and honest about how he blew through all his money after an exit and became broke, then had the epiphany of the Profit First approach. Worth reading if you don’t want your company to bleed to death slowly. 
Articles for this week
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I built a personal chat bot — Why I love it, and you’ll love yours too — Chatbots Magazine — Medium
That's it for this issue
Have an awesome and productive weekend! Hit reply if you want to join the Slack group and meet some helpful and interesting startup people.
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