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Hey everyone. Another week of tools and articles for y'all.  Also, my listing for my startup that pro

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Hey everyone. Another week of tools and articles for y'all. 
Also, my listing for my startup that provides critiques of online dating profiles so that people can improve their profiles and find more success is still on Flippa, and the auction ends in a couple more days, so here’s the auction in case anyone is interested! Reply if you have questions about it. I’m reducing the amount of projects I have.
Also, anyone know an on-page SEO grader tool that is better than Moz? 

Tool of the week
Focus List - I’m always looking for better ways to be productive. I’m a fan of the pomodoro technique (25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of whatever else, over and over), and Focus List is awesome because you write out your to do list, assign the number of pomodoros it should take you, and get to work. It counts down the time for each task, reminds you to take the 5 minute break, and then tells you what to do next. I only gave myself one pomodoro to finish up this newsletter right now, so I better focus!
Some tools from this week
Anchor - It’s like short form podcasting. “The Twitter of audio” for lack of a better term. Post a 2 minute audio blurb, or “wave” as they call it, and people can reply with a 1 minute audio blurb. It’s really community based, and it’s easy to meet people on there. A little awkward at first for me, but I got used to it quickly. Follow me on Anchor if you sign up.
TaoMix - Talking more about Focus, I’m a crazy person who likes to listen to static while working, or other audio. TaoMix is a nice iPhone app that lets you blend a ton of different statics and ambient/nature noises, but it actually has a really nice interface for mixing the sounds. 
Zola - I want to include all the solutions I use during the week, so I’ve gotta include this one. Zola is an online wedding registry that lets you pick out your espresso maker and duvet cover, but you can also chop up your honeymoon and put it on there as gift options. I’m getting married next month, and we’ve been happy with Zola for the registry. 
GrowthHacker.TV - “Because hustlers don’t watch cable.” has a ton of interviews with big names in the entrepreneur and growth hacking world, and host Bronson Taylor forces them to get into the nitty gritty of their growth hacks and how they built large endeavors. Three most recent episodes are free, back catalog is worth it if you want to really get into it.
4k Stogram - I needed to copy all the images off the instagram for my screen printing company but doesn’t let you save images easily, but 4k Stogram makes it extremely easy. Enter someone’s username and boom you’ll download all their images in good quality. 
Suggestions from the audience
BillQuick - BillQuick is an intelligent software for time tracking, project management, billing and accounting solution, designed to help you increase efficiency, streamline processes and improve performance. - A collection of excellent ecommerce stores and the marketing technology they use for inspiration and competitive research. Sort by ecommerce platform, industry and traffic.
Tailor Brands - Automated logo design and branding at a low-cost. 
Articles for this week
On the Road to Recap: | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley
Handcuffed to Uber | TechCrunch
Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It) — Bad Words — Medium
10 Improvements that will boost Your Website’s Usability — Medium
8 Lessons from 5 Failed Acquisitions in 1 Startup — Silicon Allee — Medium
Apple's iTunes is 13 years old—and it’s still awful — Quartz
So you want to build a data business? Play the long game — Medium
How a Chatbot Helped This Vinyl Records Startup Make $1 Million in 8 Months | Billboard
A poem about Silicon Valley, made up of Quora questions | Fusion
That's it for this issue
Have a great weekend. Reply and let me know if you want to join the Slack!
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