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I hope everyone's had a productive week. Here are some tools, and articles, per usual.     

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Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

I hope everyone’s had a productive week. Here are some tools, and articles, per usual.     

Tool of the week
SEcockpit - The most in-depth search volume research tool that I have ever found. I love it because I can enter a phrase like “custom screen printing” and see hundreds of related searches in order to find the most relevant ones with the best volume versus difficulty to rank. Definitely worth checking out if you do any sort of SEO work. Or if you’re a content writer, as it gives you insight into what topics and title phrases you should write about related to your vertical. Improve your organic traffic. 
Some tools from this week
Freepik - Someone in the Slack group posted a really handsome infographic and he had made it with a template from this site. So, if you’re like me and not much of a designer but need something visually appealing and want to DIY, check this site out.
Copromote - It’s a sharing network that someone recommended to me this week. Basically, you help share other people’s social media posts / tweets, specific ones that you select yourself, and in exchange one of your selected tweets will get shared by others. I haven’t played with it much, but looks like it could be an interesting way to further get content pushed out to the world.
Petovera - I’m using Petovera to help grow my screen printing business, as they help fine tune your sales funnel and marketing plans, working with you monthly to increase conversion and revenue. They also have a sales-funnel-only service if you want to get a marketing plan from them and implement it yourself. Otherwise, they work with you and implement a ton for you, great if you need some ideas and guidance but also a helping hand. It’s hard to do it all by yourself. 
CleanMyMac - Pretty simple, it runs on your Mac and finds files taking up unnecessary space, or system files that you don’t need. I used it to clear up a lot of space when my MacBook Air started getting real tight on space. Check it out if you’re a Mac person.
StartupLister - There are tons and tons of Startup directories and places you can list your startup online, but if you were to do it all yourself, it’d take forever and not really be an effective use of your time. You’ve got other fish to fry, so StartupLister will list your project in all those directories for you, getting you traffic and more importantly backlinks. 
GoodAudience - Want someone else to manage your social media marketing and create content for it? GoodAudience will take care of all that for you.
Sniply - If you share content onto Twitter or in a newsletter, and want to have that shared content also promote your project, you can use sniply to add a little badge to the shared content to try to send traffic back to your site or your own blog.
Split keyboard - Like you guys, I type a lot, to the point where my hands bother me. I started researching split keyboards and ended up getting this one. If you’re interested in improving your typing ergonomics, check it out. My hands/arms are at a much more natural angle now.
Yoast SEO - Yoast is a really easy to use Wordpress plugin that lets you set a key target phrase for each page and then check to make sure you’re optimized as much as possible for the page, so that you can rank better for it with time.
BetaList - I assumed everyone in the startup world knew about BetaList, but someone in the Slack didn’t, so I wanted to include it here. Whenever you have a project up that is in Beta or hasn’t launched at all yet, you should totally put it up on BetaList so that people can come to your landing page or early site and get on the waiting list or help you beta test. I got over 400 people to the waiting list this way, and now everytime I have an upcoming project I put it on BetaList for pre-launch traction. It’s free if you wait in the queue, or you can pay $99 to get on the site quickly. - An alternative to Mlabs, will host your Mongo DB for you, and it’s pretty affordable monthly. I think I pay something like $16 a month to host a database there for one of my startups. Cheep!
Avada - If you are looking for a powerful Wordpress theme, you can’t go wrong with Avada. I’m using it for the overhaul of my screen printing company’s website, and it’s been a real pleasure to use. (I’ll show you guys the site next week when it launches, don’t worry).
Podcast of the week
Smart Passive Income - A pretty great and inspiring podcast about people who build businesses and services that are at least somewhat passive, meaning that they’re not directly trading time for money anymore. The link goes to the recent episode with Neil Patel, on mastering content marketing. Very much worth the listen (be prepared to take notes).
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That's it for this issue
Have a productive weekend. Reply if you want to join the Slack group. And if you know of any tools that should be on the site, including your own, please go submit them, as the site will be updated again soon!
Need a developer? I always recommend TopTal, as I’ve worked with them on creating two startups now, and they never let me down. Affordable rates and my developer gives me a daily update, which I had never seen before. Check them out if you are looking to help build your project. They have designers now too. 
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