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I accidentally added more articles to this issue than I meant to for this week, so enjoy!  Oh, and th

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I accidentally added more articles to this issue than I meant to for this week, so enjoy! 
Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted last week in the poll. A weekly version was the most popular, with a every-other-week version almost as popular. I may send it out every other week sometimes this summer, depending on my travel.
Like always, let me know if you want to join the Slack group. 
And if you want to share a tool with everyone here, even if it’s your own, please submit it via the site.

Tool of the week
Active Campaign - I just signed up, upon the recommendation of Petovera and some other people. They handle email marketing, marketing automation, and sales and CRM tasks. Tons of features, and plans start at just $9 if you don’t have a ton of contacts. 
Some tools from this week
Bugsnag - I forget how I came across this, but it’s bug monitoring for your code. Track errors so that they are easy to itemize and solve. Because the only thing that’s worse than a bug in your startup is a bug that you don’t know about.
ManageWP - Do you have a lot of Wordpress sites? Do you work on a lot of them for your clients? Manage them all from one place with ManageWP. Reduce repetitive tasks and your time spent. I used ManageWP this week to give someone access to one of my Wordpress sites, and it was super easy on my end.
Mailinator - Ever have to give out your email address for something but you don’t really want them to have your email address? You could use or whatever, because it’s a public inbox. I’m using this avoid some TOS violations with a project, so that my site reviewers don’t have to give their own real email address. Perfect.
Keyword Canine - Someone recommended this over SEcockpit, claiming it was better. I have not yet tried it myself, but it looks full-featured, with backlink and keyword analysis, plus on-page optimization tracking. And it’s cheaper than Moz, so if you’re thinking of using Moz or use several different SEO tools, you might want to see if this would replace those for you. 
Stamplay - I used this a couple years ago on a startup, and it’s like IFTTT for your backend. (That sounds confusing and dirty if you don’t know what I’m talking about…) With Stamplay, it’s easy to put together the front end of your startup, and then use their system to automate tasks in the backend, so that you can build out an MVP or a beta version for WAY cheaper than hiring a dev team.
Pingdom - This is who I use to monitor my sites for downtime issues. And they also have a nice site speed test tool. - Another free service for monitoring site uptime/downtime.
Monitis - is part of Monitis now, which is a more advanced site monitoring service, which ranges from extremely cheap to pretty cheap per month to keep an eye on all your site’s functions, and email or SMS you when something breaks so that you can freak out and fix it.
Recommendations from the Audience
Liftoff Communications - Liftoff Communications is a PR firm that specializes in helping startup businesses gain exposure. They acknowledge that data is useful, but digging deeper is where the results truly come from. Liftoff helps businesses identify their goals so they can show results where it matters most. 
Website Traffic Revenue Calculator -  Add traffic, conversion rate, sales conversion and average order value and boom you get an estimate of additional revenue from adding more web traffic.
Articles for this week
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