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Hey everyone!  Last week was the first week I haven't done an issue, and I hope y'all didn't miss it

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Hey everyone! 
Last week was the first week I haven’t done an issue, and I hope y'all didn’t miss it too much. I was on vacation with my family and actually didn’t work much, which was nice, and it also gave me some distance from my work that allowed me to have some new ideas and inspiration. 
So my advice for this week: Maybe take a break sometimes? 

Tool of the week
SEcockpit - This is still the most detailed keyword tool I’ve come across, and it’s affordable too (I think you can generate some free reports before signing up, though they may not be as in-depth). Keyword research like this is key because it helps you figure out what phrases to optimize for not only on your site but also in your content marketing, plus it helps you figure out what niches could be profitable. And it helps you learn what phrases aren’t even worth attempting because they’re too competitive.
Some tools from this week
Clicktrait - An A/B testing system that is “non-destructive”, and easy to install and then manage from your Clicktrait dashboard. The goal is improving conversion rates, and Clicktrait helps make that happen with their tools and know-how. Check them out if you’ve been looking for a CRO system. 
E-commerce Affiliates - Promoting an affiliate program can be difficult, but it helps to use marketplaces like E-Commerce Affiliates to push your affiliate program to an interested audience. This one is run by LeadDyno, which is a nice and affordable affiliate software if you’re looking for one, but currently you don’t have to be a LeadDyno customer to get into their marketplace.
PureChat - I’ve mentioned this one before, but I’ve been more impressed with it lately after realizing they had an iPhone app, which makes it nearly impossible for me to miss any support chats for That’s been a problem for me before with chat support systems, but between the web app and the iPhone app, plus having it set up to SMS when someone needs me, I can engage with more customers and actually be there. Plus it’s free until you get more than 15 chats a month, so I have yet to even need to pay for this service.
Namecheap - I like to buy .io domains (obviously) and if you do too then you should give Namecheap a shot because they have good pricing on .io domains and a ton of other TLDs, plus their interface is great and their support is really solid if you need help.
StartupLister - I wanted to submit to a lot of startup directories, but I don’t have a ton of time to do it, so I outsourced it to StartupLister for $89. You fill out an initial form with all your info, then the StartupLister crew goes to work submitting your info to 70+ directories.
SMhack - SMhack is the simplest social media management tool available for small businesses and digital marketing agencies. With SMhack, users can schedule content across multiple social channels, manage lead/customer conversations across Facebook and Twitter in one place, assign tasks to team members, analyze your social media marketing efforts using analytics.
Handrail - Define, measure & improve user experience with Handrail, a user research platform for one on one customer discovery, concept testing and usability assessments. 
Uberhunters - Someone found me via this yesterday to talk to me about her app that makes your phone use cat videos as a ringtone (not kidding). Uberhunters is a directory of the most influential people on Product Hunt, ranked by activity. If you need to find people to help you launch on PH, this could be helpful (be careful of violating PH’s rules on asking for upvotes though!)
Holmes - A javascript program for easy searching within a page
petithacks - A curated collection of marketing tricks, samples of small growth hacks that companies implement to move their own needles. Emulate others and get ideas for your own projects.
Why No Padlock? - I was using weird filtered wifi and for some reason the SSL on one of my sites had quit working for me, so I used this site to figure out the issue. SSL stuff can be a PITA to set up, so this is helpful to figure out what’s going wrong.
Dopamine - An interesting “reinforcement API” to help hack user retention for your app
Book of the week
Launch - One of the books I was reading on vacation. At times, the writing feels cheesy, but the tactics he lays out to create pre-launch traction so that people actually really want your service when you launch make total sense, and they work. I’m a huge fan of having a waiting list up on your site as soon as you start any project, but without getting the list excited for launch, you may suffer a lackluster launch and not see any sales. Take advantage of the one launch you get and do it right. 
Articles for this week
Jessica Livingston’s Pretty Complete List on How Not to Fail
5 Foundational Must-Haves for an Effective CRO Program
The Content Marketing Handbook
How To Track Customer Acquisitions : — Medium
Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame — JavaScript Scene — Medium
How We Got on Product Hunt Without ANY Preparation & the Gobs of Money We Made - VYPER
Small business networking not working? Tips to connect that don't involve throwing business cards at people - 7 Day Startup
Conversion Optimization: An Enormous List of Psychological Tactics
The Twitter Growth Hack | Growthority
That's it for this issue
I’m always looking for new tools to include on the site and in this newsletter, so please feel free to reach out and send one in, even if it’s your own project. And hit reply if you want to join the Slack community for Startup Resources!
Looking for a high quality developer for your project that doesn’t require a million dollar round to pay for them? Toptal is the only development company I’ve ever used that I’ve been happy with. I’m wrapping up my second project with them. Give them a try if you are looking for a developer or designer. 
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