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Hey everyone. No newsletter last week because I was busy getting married! When this newsletter is del

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Hey everyone. No newsletter last week because I was busy getting married! When this newsletter is delivered, I’ll be on my honeymoon in Italy 😎  
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Tool of the week
Northwest Registered Agent - If you’re founding a startup or remote business in America, it’s key to have an LLC or C Corp established in a state that is conducive to business taxes. A lot of people go for Delaware, but Nevada is arguably better. The way Nevada works, you have to have an agent actually physically in the state to manage your business registration. I’ve used Northwest Registered Agent to set up both an LLC and a C Corp, and they make it easy and affordable. Save yourself headache and also money on taxes by incorporating in Nevada.
Some tools from this week
MailerLite - Affordable Email Marketing Software
Flippa - I was able to sell a startup via Flippa, and they’ve got a great audience if you’re trying to sell a project, app or domain. And if you’re looking to buy a turnkey startup and try to grow it, Flippa is a great place to look.
Knowee - Create digital business cards easily, and send them to others electronically. Better than keeping roughed up business cards in your wallet and hoping you have some on you when you meet someone.
Crowdfire - Social Media Engagement App for Twitter & Instagram
puRRing - Cat Video Ringtone App for Android - A kitty with every call
Mail Scanning, Forwarding and Virtual Address | Earth Class Mail
Betabound - We collect, organize, and offer great beta testing opportunities.
Automation Hacks - Jack Streamlines Your Business
Sales Development Platform For Dialing And Email Tracking
Discounts for the audience
20% off at - Use code “julynewsletter” at checkout and get 20% off any order. lets you get on-demand feedback on your website to improve conversion and sales, and find what confuses people about your site, and what they like and dislike. You can also submit an app, either pre-launch or already launched, and find usability issues and how to improve it. Have a business idea that you want feedback on, or wish to run customer discovery surveys to a specific demographic? Yeah, we can do that too. Visit
Articles for this week
Penetration Testing Tools Cheat Sheet
3 Genius B2B Content Marketing Ideas To Set Your Campaign On Fire | DrumUp Blog
5 Foundational Must-Haves for an Effective CRO Program
Why I turned down $500K, Pissed off my investors, and Shut down my startup — Startup Lessons Learned — Medium
What I wish I knew when I first started with Conversion Optimisation — Medium
Will Artificial Intelligence Save or Doom Humanity?
Dear Internet, KEEP Telling Me To Quit My Job — The Coffeelicious — Medium
Paul Graham has accidentally explained everything wrong with Silicon Valley’s world view — Quartz
How To Start An Amazon FBA Business - A Step-By-Step Guide
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