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Hope all is well in your Startup world this week.  What's your biggest challenge right now? Hit reply

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Hope all is well in your Startup world this week. 
What’s your biggest challenge right now? Hit reply and let me know how I can help.
Some articles and tools for you guys, as usual. I decided to make a section for the tools that I’m actually using myself this week, with the reason why I’m using them. 

Tool of the week
Get Worm
Tools I actually used this week
Digital Ocean - I’m moving a startup from Amazon Web Services to Digital Ocean, because it’s a lot cheaper to host it there. And their interface is nice. And they don’t charge extra to ask support questions like AWS does! (you can get a free $10 credit through this link and that may sound paltry but you can actually run an instance there for $5 a month, cheep!)
Crowdfire - I need to write about it, but an easy (and surprisingly still effective) growth hack is to do the “copy followers of” technique on Twitter, in which you copy the followers of a similar twitter, and organically 5% to 15% of those people will follow you back. Crowdfire makes it really easy to do it. This is the technique I use to grow my twitter accounts, and it got me some of my first customers.
Pixelarity - I just love these themes when I want to build a non-Wordpress site or build the front end for a new project. They look beautiful, and they’re easy to hack apart to build a whole site off of.
LastPass - My memory sucks so knowing which of my weird passwords I used where is annoying, but LastPass manages them now, and even better it’s easy to share access for a specific service to someone temporarily or long term. I’m using it to give my technical co-founder access to some stuff, so I thought I’d include it again.
Tools discovered this week
KlientBoost - PPC Management & Google AdWords Specialists
Norbert — Find anyone email address
Outreachr | Outreach campaign | Link Building Software
YesInsights - Get Customer feedback with simple one-click surveys
Api - Maître
Nugget - Startup Incubator & Community
Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!
Userbrain: Fix your website's usability problems
MastermindJam - Join a Mastermind Group
Newsletter of the week
petithacks - small hacks, faster growth
Articles for this week
What is Growth Marketing? Building a Framework for Rapid Growth | Growth Marketing Conference
How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 10k in 2 Weeks
I'm having trouble choosing a startup idea to work on - Clarity Answers
Dan Grover | Bots won't replace apps. Better apps will replace apps.
What are the essential opportunities to gain significant SEO page rank without manually posting ongoing content via blog and social media outlets? - Clarity Answers
That's it for this issue
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