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Anyone on Peach? That app blew up on Product Hunt last weekend, then got more press this week. It's a

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Anyone on Peach? That app blew up on Product Hunt last weekend, then got more press this week. It’s a fun, sort of silly messenger, like if classic Twitter timelines had a baby with Tumblr. I’m @vacord on there if you want to party.
Anyway, here are the articles for the week, and a cool user submitted startup. I’m focused on development for, but plan to add more tools to in the coming weeks. 

Articles for this week
99.5% of startup fundraising advisors are crooks and charlatans — Kima Ventures — Medium
30 Indispensable Online Resources For Effective Content Marketing
How To Generate Your First 20,000 Followers On Instagram
The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment — Medium
New user submitted startups this week
Financials OnTap -  Financials OnTap is a service that matches freelance top finance & accounting talent with startups. We offer a flexible cost-efficient way to plan, budget, and report on your business. We are project based and on-demand model which means you pay only for what you need and we operate on your timeline. We do budgets, projections, planning, presentation development, investor reporting, metric tracking and dashboarding, cap tables and give all around solid advice, such as: “this stuff shouldn’t be expensive!” Rates start at $50/hr. Get pro forma’s built for as little as $300.
Tool of the Week
Self Control App - I work on the Internet, which is difficult at times because the Internet is a place of infinite distraction. Enter Self Control app: set a timer to block certain sites so you can focus on your task. I like to block Facebook, Reddit, Gmail and Zoho Mail when I really need to focus on development. I quickly learned how to get around Chrome Nanny, which I also use to block sites, but there is no getting around Self Control. For Mac only.
Ok not fair, there’s a lot of PC people out there, so I’ll do a second Tool of the Week, one that everyone can use… - This system tries to find email addresses for authors of and people mentioned in articles and blogposts etc. I’ve used Mechanical Turk a lot in the past to find email addresses of authors, and I think this could replace the bulk of that work, saving me a lot of money when I do a DIY PR campaign. See this Medium article I wrote about DIY PR.
How's your hosting?
A company I consult for, their host had them offline for over 24 hours this past week. Nightmare mode. They’re moving to Dreamhost, who has never given me any grief ever, with awesome consistent uptime, and great support whenever I have a question. The pricing is very affordable too. And if you want to use Dreamhost, give them the coupon code STARTUPRESOURCES to save $50. 
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That's it for this week.
Let me know if you want to join the Slack group and chat with a bunch of other founders and startup people. Have a great week and feel free to suggest tools to the site, or get in touch with me if you need anything.
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