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If you want to see the tools I find as soon as I find them, follow me on Refind. I've started bookmar

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If you want to see the tools I find as soon as I find them, follow me on Refind. I’ve started bookmarking cool tools and resources there, to help me organize them better. You can see them right here, organized by most recent. 
Refind is a cool social bookmarking system. I have a few invites to share.
Okay, on to the content….

Growth tip
Try a DIY referral program. And I mean DIY because you can run it yourself “lean” when you’re starting out, before you get software to handle it, or build out anything. Just generate coupons manually for your customers, with a unique code for the customer, and tell them to share it. They work best if the person receiving the code gets a discount and the person who shared it gets a credit or other reward. Referral programs encourage and reward word of mouth marketing. 
Productivity tip
This sounds basic but I’ve been doing this lately and it’s been tremendously helpful. Just get a timer, whether it’s your phone, an egg timer, an app (I use Just A Timer for mac), whatever, and assign time to every single task on your to do list. It’s important to keep the timer visible at all times, so that you know time is ticking and you need to hustle to get that task done. I combine that with a translucent and floating Stickie that has my current task written on it so that I have a constant visual reminder of what I’m trying to do. 
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Feedback tip
Ask EVERY customer that you lose why you lost them. This is easy if you have a SaaS and you can tell who churns. Send them a personal email, not some NPS nonsense, and ask them why they dropped off. Learning why can improve your retention, which will improve your revenue and growth.
If you don’t have a SaaS but you have more of a PaaS (Platform as a Service) or anything with a contact form, you can use Carthook with a lot of shopping carts and systems, but one thing we did for was to implement a little bit of Javascript so that once something is entered into the email field on the checkout page, as soon as the user moves on to another field, I get sent an email with that email address that was entered, so I’m able to manually follow up with the dropped-off customer to try to find out why they drop off, or give them a coupon to come back and close.
Tool of the week
Contractor by LaunchPad Lab
Logojoy | Make a Logo Design Online
MarketGoo - SEO & Web Marketing
Viral Content Buzz | Social Media Sharing Made Easy
Mila, your contact management bot
Kickbooster - Kickstarter Crowdfunding Affiliate Program
Color Hunt
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What’s your best growth tip? What’s your best productivity tip? Let me know and I can include it (with a shoutout to your project) in an upcoming issue.
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