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Well, Christmas is approaching quickly, but probably like you, I'm hustling to do what I can before t

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Get the latest tools and resources that will really help your startup.

Well, Christmas is approaching quickly, but probably like you, I’m hustling to do what I can before this crazy year ends. 
Here are some tools and articles to hopefully help you out.
Also, I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the new “tips” section of the newsletter. Please reply and tell me what you think, good or bad!

Growth tip
I don’t think I shared this one yet, but you can use Twitter for initial sales. Yes, I know, Twitter seems dead, but this still amazingly works. Set up a Twitter for your startup or business, then start following the followers of related Twitters and your rivals and whatnot. Since those people are interested in your vertical, some of them will follow you back, like 10 to 15%. Whoever doesn’t follow you back within a couple days, unfollow them. Do this over and over to build up a following. It actually works. A tool like Crowdfire makes it easier. Pin a tweet with a CTA or discount so that your new followers are enticed to do something.
Free tool tip
Zapier makes automating tasks between services with APIs awesome, and it’s $20 a month or so for a bunch of tasks but if you only need a few, the free plan includes up to five “Zaps”, which is enough for me currently.
Productivity tip
Turn off your wifi to write. It’s that simple of a tip, but it makes a difference. The Internet is so awesome and so full of distractions, and you don’t really need to be online to write, you just need to focus on actually writing. And yeah I know you’re saying “but I write on Medium, I can’t do that offline.” But just turn off wifi, write in Word or TextEdit or whatever then when you’re done, paste it into Wordpress or Medium etc. I promise you, you’ll write faster if you’re unplugged. I’m going to do it as soon as I send out this newsletter and get to my next task on my list.
Tool of the week
OptiMonk | Onsite Retargeting | Exit Intent
Tools for this week
Telescope: Build your own Hacker News, Reddit, or Product Hunt.
Color Hunt
Ninja Outreach - Influencer and Blogger Outreach Software CRM
PNG photo images free clipart download
Articles for this week
Why You Should NOT Focus On The Conversion Rate - Ramli John
How to Cut Your Conversion Time in Half
Why Startup Pioneers Have Arrows in Their Backs – steve blank – Medium
The Scientific Method for StartupsThe Scientific Method for Startups – Y Combinator
Create products that people love by validating your idea first
Why Is Influencer Marketing The Next Big Thing? - Positionly Blog
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