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Do you have a project that's earning less than ~$2k a month and you want to grow it to $10k a month (

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Do you have a project that’s earning less than ~$2k a month and you want to grow it to $10k a month (or more?). I do too, and so do several other founders I know, so I want to start a $10k Club. It would be a private Slack channel in which we’ll state our weekly goals, help each other out, share advice, and compete to be the first ones to get to the $10k/mo mark. I’ll make results public here and/or the site. Are you interested? I’m looking for ten serious people to do this. No cost involved, just a commitment to stay active. Reply if you’re up for the challenge.
Ok ok ok, I didn’t do an issue two weeks ago (Merry late Christmas!) or last week (Happy New Year!) but we’re back this week. I have a lot queued up in Revue to share, so we’ll be doing a weekly newsletter again!

Tools discovered recently
QuickPages - Free Landing Page Generator
Uncss - optimize and compress your images and photos - The super fast color schemes generator
Mailshake: A simple solution for outreach.
Articles for this week
The Importance of Getting Feedback on a Website BEFORE it’s Launched.
Fraud in Silicon Valley: Startups Show Their Unethical Underside
These Are Buffer's Top 10 Lessons from Growing to $10 Million ARR - Open
Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman | Technology | The Guardian
Repurposing Content: How to Turn One Blog Post into a Marketing Machine | Pagely®
30 Tools for Better Content Marketing in 2017
80 hours now, 40 hours later? – Signal v. Noise
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