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The $10k club is off to a good start, and next week I'll publish where everyone is. The slack is more

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The $10k club is off to a good start, and next week I’ll publish where everyone is. The slack is more active because of it, so hit reply and let me know if you want to join in.

Growth tip
Do you know what a “tickler” is? It’s a little reminder to do something later. Ticklers can help grow your business, depending on your business model. Let’s say you have a screen printing business (an example near and dear to my heart!), and you print for a conference that happens annually. Setting yourself a tickler to follow up with the customer 10 months later, when they’re getting ready to get shirts again, can help you get another order from that customer. This works well for a non-recurring business that has some predictability. Or maybe you’re doing outbound sales and someone says “ah we are interested in your service, but we don’t need it until the fall” you say “okay great!” and set a tickler to get in touch with them on September 1st. This sounds basic but it can really help. Inbox by Gmail has built in ticklers, or you can use Boomerang or etc.
Focus tip
Try setting a timer for every task you have on your to do list. You can use a simpler timer app or a kitchen timer or whatever, but this can really help keep you on track. If you think putting your newsletter together should take 40 minutes, for example, set a timer where you can see the time counting down, or even hear it ticking. I’ve been doing this and it really helps.
Feedback tip
Encourage your customers to give feedback in any sort of thank you email you send, and let them know that you want honest and negative feedback too. You can learn a lot more from criticism than from praise! Make it easy for them to submit feedback.
Tool of the week
Context.IO | The missing email API to leverage email data
Tools I actually used recently
Repost by Elokenz
Headspace - Meditation made simple
Share Link Generator: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Email mailto forms
PopSockets - A Loan Calculator
Tools discovered recently
The Best Free Password Manager | bitwarden
Free Ebook Cover Creator - Adazing
Recommended webinar
Articles for this week
How to Segment Your List for More Effective Content Marketing
Five Technologies Silicon Valley Killed in 2016
5 Recommendations for Setting Yearly Growth Goals — Brian Balfour's Coelevate
19 Actionable SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic
Reinvest in Your Startup, Warren Buffett-Style
That's it for this issue
I hope you like the tools shared this week. If there’s a category of tool you’d like to see more of, or you’re looking for some specific solution, reply and let me know.
My service that provides on-demand feedback for websites is starting a referral program, and I want to extend it to you guys. Let me know if you’re interested. You’ll get a unique code to share with people so that they get $10 off their first order, and I’ll give you a $10 Amazon gift card for every new customer you send my way.
Webinar - Digital Product Creators - Don't Get Caught Making These 5 Critical Mistakes! — ProductDyno
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