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Hey guys How many projects is too many? A local business buddy of mine asked me to help him bring his

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Hey guys
How many projects is too many? A local business buddy of mine asked me to help him bring his company’s internal tool to market as a B2B SaaS. I’ve always wanted a SaaS, so I just had to say yes. 
How many projects do you work on at a time? How do you juggle them? Reply and let me know!
Oh, and just throwing this out there: If you don’t have the Amazon app yet on your mobile device, get it via my link and you’ll get a $5 credit and so will I. We need more espresso for the office here, and you can help provide it!

Growth tip
Trying to increase your revenue? Write your revenue for month-to-date on a wall by your desk, every day. It makes it hard to ignore. Keep a running tally. It’s either exciting, depressing, or motivational, depending on how your most recent sales are. 
Another Growth tip
In your early stages, you still don’t know who really will prove to be your most profitable customer type. Even in later stages in the business, you may not really know this. So figure it out. Dump out all your sales data, lump revenue to each individual customer, then try to figure out what the trend is among your best customers. What kind of business are they in? What’s their position within their company? Why are they buying your product or service? For example, I did this last year with my screen printing business and learned that b2b was great for us, but churches and non profits were awesome verticals too. If you had asked me before that who were our best targets, I wouldn’t have known the truth.
Tools discovered recently
WebinarJam - Powerful Webinar Hosting Software
Website Translation and Localization |
Website Launch Checklist
The next generation A/B testing & Conversion Optimization platform
Contests to Enter
WIN The Lifetime SaaS Bundle for EntrepreneursWIN The Lifetime SaaS Bundle for Entrepreneurs
Book of the week
How to Sell Anything to Anybody by Joe Girard
Articles for this week
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Too crazy to be lucky - A chat with Elon Musk
Resist Old On-Page SEO Tactics With These 5 Tricks - Moz
How to Optimize an Affiliate Marketing Program for Profitability
That's it for this issue
Have a great weekend!
Did you check out Fan Harvest last week? I’ve been using it to automatically grow Instagram followings. I increased one account from 1900 to 2400 followers easily in like a week and a half, and then two new accounts from 0 to 60 followers in a week or so. Besides automated following/unfollowing/liking/etc, you can queue up images to be posted and even reposted. It’s nice! [affiliate link]
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