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Hey everyone!Conversion Checklist got a nice write up on That's my shameless brag for to

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Hey everyone!
Conversion Checklist got a nice write up on That’s my shameless brag for today.
Need help with anything? Reply and let me know.

Growth tip
This is going to sound so basic, but if you’re on a newsletter, start replying to the issues. Make a joke, share a relevant article back, start a dialogue. This is how I build some of my relationships with influencers and people bigger than me. That article about my Conversion Checklist on That came about after months of occasionally replying to their Startups Daily newsletter, and getting to know the people who write it. Replying to newsletters can be a great way to network, honestly. 
Tool of the week
EmailOctopus - Email marketing for less, via Amazon SES
Tools I actually used recently
GitHub - ryanckulp/product_hunt_upvotes: download a CSV of upvotes on Product Hunt
Tools discovered recently
🐦 Hypegrowth: Your personal Twitter assistant
Hoist is how you integrate - Meet the microservices platform that talks to APIs
Nagbot - the ultimate nagging companion
PersistIQ — All in One Bookmarks Manager
Podcast of the week
Startups For the Rest of Us - Episode 332 | A Prioritization Framework to Deal With Task Overload | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand
Articles for this week
How Influencer Marketing helped us grow from $0 to $700k+ monthly revenue.
I got tired of commoditized content for entrepreneurs. Here’s what I started watching instead.
Blogger Outreach: Here's How To Do It Right
Asking the right questions during user research, interviews and testing
Influencer marketing for startups is the Ultimate growth hack
That's it for this issue
I got interested this week in influencer marketing / outreach for startups, so that’s why there are a few articles on it. If you ever have an article that you think I should share, email it to me. 
Did you ever have someone else look at your website and try to find the problems with it? And tell you what’s confusing, and what keeps them from trusting it? You need to get feedback to improve your site and its revenue. Try to learn how you can improve.
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