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Hey, so if you have an idea for a startup (and no doubt you do, because you're reading this newslette

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Hey, so if you have an idea for a startup (and no doubt you do, because you’re reading this newsletter) and it’s a big idea (again, no doubt), it can be too much to work on by yourself, so if you’ve been trying to or thinking about finding co-founders, check out Equity Directory, where you can connect with other startup entrepreneurs with various skill sets and build your own team or join a team. And it was started by my old friend Colin, so if you try it out, tell him I said hello!
Okay, some articles and tools below, and a couple tips even because I think you guys enjoy those… Do you like when I include this tips? Vote so easily below! (the link will just take you to the site but will record your vote)

Growth tip
Do you know who your competition is? Surely you do, so take their names and google “(their name) review” and find people who reviewed them, and then reach out to those people and offer them a free sample / free trial whatever to try to get them to review you too. This is great because it gets you in front of their relevant audience and a relevant inbound link. And also list yourself on AlternativeTo as an alternative to all your competition that’s listed on there. Booyah.
Productivity tip
I’m trying to do this one as much as possible because it’s effective. For every task on your to do list, assign an amount of time, then have a stickie note on the top of your screen, either an app (like the built in one on Mac) or a real paper note with your current task written, plus a countdown timer for that amount of time (I use the app Just a Timer but there are tons of options.) This tends to keep me super on task, so give it a try if you find yourself not getting enough done in your work hours. 
Feedback tip
After someone signs up for your service / buys your product / whatever, send them an email and ask “Would you use this service again? / Would you recommend this product to a friend?” and have a link for YES and a link for NO, and make those links go to unique pages on your site that then asks for more details. This is good because it’s an easy way to get an idea of whether they would or would not recommend/use again, and some people will fill out the comment box with further explanation. This is the easy way I solicit feedback from this very newsletter, just by putting trackable links in it. If you don’t want to send them to your site, send them to a google form instead, but make sure you can track the yes/no clicks!
Tools discovered recently
Yet Another Mail Merge
Hugo :: A fast and modern static website engine - Mastodon
Grid Garden - A game for learning CSS grid layout
Facebook Ad Examples |
Transactional Email API Service for Developers - Mailgun
Color Tool - Material Design
Articles for this week
Don’t Mow The Lawn If You’re A Founder – The Startup – Medium
Is Facebook A Structural Threat To Free Society? - TruthHawk
Indie Hackers: Learn from Profitable Businesses and Projects
SEO in 2017: Proven Content Ideas That Attract Backlinks - The Smart Passive Income Blog
Why Snapchat Won’t Make it Through the Year. – NewCo Shift
How to Create Content That Keeps Earning Links (Even After You Stop Promoting It) - Moz
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