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Hey everyone. What's new with you? I've been working on a B2B SaaS MapPlug for a few months now with

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Hey everyone. 
What’s new with you? I’ve been working on a B2B SaaS MapPlug for a few months now with a local guy, bringing his company’s internal tool to market as a standalone service. It’s a ton of work but pretty enjoyable.
And I’m going on vacation today so I’m writing this ahead of time! When this goes out, I’ll be at the beach 😎

Growth tip
Do what doesn’t scale at the beginning to get more cash flow by adding a concierge service. For example, Equity Directory helps connect co-founders willing to work for equity, but they also have a “white glove” service where they help you find just the right person for a much higher fee. My startup charges $39 for feedback on your site, and that’s all automated, but I also offered an analysis of your feedback, your site, and also how you could improve your marketing for $249 extra. That cash helped. So, how can you add on a higher level to your startup for a much bigger price?
Communication tip
Does somebody owe you something? A design, a quote for a roundup post, an answer on a sales decision, something like that? Instead of sending them yet another reminder that you need something, send them an article you think they’d like, a tool that is interesting, an idea, whatever, but this is a way to give them a little bit of value, and they’ll remember too that they owe you something. This worked for me last week with a customer I’m trying to close.
Free resource tip
Free Files of the Month on ThemeForest
Tools discovered recently
Brandpa - brandable domain names for sale
Introducing Sizzy —A tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast
Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content | Zest
Send Bulk Emails, SMS and Web Push: All-in-One | SendPulse
Missinglettr | Automatic social media campaigns for your blog posts, that drive traffic
Articles for this week
How to Optimize Existing Content to Boost Its Performance and Rank | Unamo Blog
Building a startup? Build an audience, first. – Ryan Hoover – Medium
7 Fundamental Content Marketing Frameworks to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO, and Build Community - Optimist
How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet
7 Customer Support Tactics to Increase Sales and Make Your Customers Happier
That's it for this issue
More next week! Hasta luego! 
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