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Hey everyone!  Cool news this week: is one of the sites to partner with Growth Ge

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Hey everyone! 
Cool news this week: is one of the sites to partner with Growth Geeks, which is a marketplace to hire growth hackers. I’ve used it myself a few times, and it’s awesome to partner up with them.
Visit to check it out. They’ve recently filtered out all services that weren’t top notch. A lot of the gigs have the first month free too, which is awesome.

Suggested Growth Geeks Gigs
Twitter Growth Engine - Growing a Twitter following can help your business. I had a customer just last week say “I found you after you followed me on twitter, and decided to order after looking over your site.” But growing a Twitter following can be annoying. Let a growth geek handle it for you. First month is free.
Instagram Growth Engine - In my opinion, growing an Instagram following is harder than growing Twitter, because there are less tools out there to automate things. My Instagram for Vacord Screen Printing grew significantly when I used this service. Due to Instagram’s very limited and strict API, there aren’t any super awesome growth automation tools, so you should hire a human to do it. First month is free.
Social Media Machine - Bronson suggested I included this one for my audience. They curate content relevant to your audience and send it out to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. But beyond curating content, they also create custom content for your social media, keeping your company’s voice and writing content relevant to your business / audience.
Monthly SEO optimization for your site - SEO As A Service, in which they optimize 2 pages on your site per month, fixing up everything, including the alt tags that people never bother to fill out, doing the keyword research and implementing it.
Articles for this week
You Have to Know why Your Customers Churn
How We Hacked the Media and Landed Six-Figure Contracts in Four Days — Life Learning — Medium
Silicon Valley braces itself for a fall: 'There'll be a lot of blood' | Technology | The Guardian
Vincent Dignan | 5 ways I have wasted my time while building my company
We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here's What We Learned About SEO
The 1000 Club - Cool products with over 1000 upvotes by Product Hunt
How To Convert Blog Traffic Into Customers With CTAs: The Complete Guide
How To Drive More Traffic, Engage Lost Leads And Get More Sales With Ascension Retargeting | Retargeting Training and Conversion Systems
Tool of the week
Follow Up Then - I use this so constantly that I thought it should be tool of the week. If you need to do something tomorrow, shoot yourself an email to (or for brevity). Have a sales lead come in, but they don’t need to finalize the order until October actually? BCC on an email with the customer, and you’ll get the email back in your inbox to remind you to pursue the order again. Find a growth article with tactics that you want to implement but not until the summer? Email it to or  It’s the easiest “tickler” system in the world. Check them out Follow Up Then (Get a $6 credit towards a premium plan through this link) (Free plan is great too)
Podcast of the week It’s by the same guy who started Growth Geeks, Bronson Taylor, and it’s video interviews of various growth hackers and marketers talking specifically about what tactics and tools they used to grow companies. It’s inspirational and actionable advice, which is what I always look for in a podcast or video series. 
That's it for this week
Stay tuned next week, when I post my first income report on the site, put up a bunch of user submitted startups, and show y'all my own startup which is relaunching after 9 months in redevelopment.
That 9 months in redevelopment? 8 were with a very slow company, and in the last month I’ve hired a guy from Toptal to finish up the development, and his speed and quality is incredible. Check out Toptal if you need seriously high quality developers.
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