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Hey everybody. Here are some tools and articles for the week. 

Startup Resources

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Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

Hey everybody. Here are some tools and articles for the week. 

Startup wisdom
I was telling someone in the Slack the other day, nothing is ever finished. So don’t sweat getting everything finished before launching. Even if you complete your to-do list, there will be more as soon as people actually look at it or use it. Don’t obsess over how a button works and transitions, just launch. It’ll never be “done.” Nothing is ever done, and you’ll always have new features to add, things to fix, ways to improve. Your startup is dynamic, not static. So don’t sweat the small stuff and just launch already. 
Tool of the week
Habitica | Your Life the Role Playing Game
Tools I actually used recently
Pushover: Simple Notifications for Android, iOS, and Desktop
Tools discovered recently
Startup Graveyard – History Shouldn't Have to Repeat Itself
Smallchat — Connect with your visitors.
OCTOBOARD | Business Performance Metrics Dashboard and Analytics
PPC Reporting & Automation Across Networks - AdStage
Skiplagged: The smart way to find cheap flights.
Video of the week
Idea Execution Video Series
Articles for this week
I used LAMP to make a SaaS with $3700/mo profit. Here’s how.
Having multiple projects is sort of awful – Stuart of Vacord – Medium
A roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017 – freeCodeCamp
How to choose your side projects
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