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Hey everyone, how's it going? I'm a dork and I really enjoy marketing. And I've been writing marketin

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Hey everyone, how’s it going?
I’m a dork and I really enjoy marketing. And I’ve been writing marketing plans for people lately, for businesses, newsletters, and even for a local political campaign. And if you need a marketing plan, let me know, and I can write a 3 to 5 page plan for you, for just $299. I just wanted to throw that out there. Just reply if interested.
Also, I have a project up on Product Hunt today, Conversion Checklist. I can’t ask you to please go upvote it and perhaps even leave a comment because that’s not allowed, but feel free to go check it out. I think it’s a really helpful free checklist for improving conversion on websites, and I’d love for it to get out there more, and Product Hunt could really help with that.  Thanks!

Feedback tip
When I unsubscribe from a newsletter, and they email me to confirm, that burns me up, because I obviously didn’t want more emails, so don’t email me to confirm I won’t get more emails, please. BUT the guys at Hacking UI, when you unsubscribe, they basically send you an apology email asking what they did wrong and what made you unsubscribe. It’s brilliant. They said they really do get actionable feedback that they can learn from, for example that they annoyed the list with a specific email, or pushed too hard to sell something.
Instagram tool crackdown!
I am a big fan of FanHarvest, a really great Instagram growth and posting automation system. But it’s dead. A brief note on the website said “Hey Guys, We are sorry to let you know that Fan Harvest is not available anymore.” The founder said they got a cease and desist letter from Instagram (which is the legal equivalent of “Stop what you’re doing or we’re going to sue you so very hard”) so they had to close down immediately. And several other tools were shut down in the same way. A sad day for automated social media tools, indeed. If you’re not trying to figure out what else to use, HopperHQ has scheduled Instagram image posting and they claim that they don’t violate the TOS so they’ll stay in business. I’m not convinced Instagram won’t shut them down too, but check them out if you’re looking for an Instagram image scheduling tool.
Tool of the week
RecurPost - Automatically Recycle Your Evergreen Updates on Social Media
Tools I actually used recently
Video to animated GIF converter
Tools discovered recently
It's Alive - Facebook Chatbot builder
Run Giveaway & Sweepstakes Promotions | Rafflecopter :)
SocialGrow - Organic Instagram Growth
WordPress Plugin Roundup - April 2017
Articles for this week
Entrepreneurial Careers: Beyond the Fairy Tale Narrative
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15 Actionable Strategies to Grow Your Email List (Even If You Have No Traffic) - Sumo
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6 Mistakes that will kill your B2B SaaS Startup - Pierre Lechelle
Instag-RAMPAGE: the War on Automation – Keenan Erwin – Medium
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