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Hello! Another week, another issue.  Some people have started using the thumbs up / thumbs down that

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Hello! Another week, another issue. 
Some people have started using the thumbs up / thumbs down that Revue added to the bottom of the newsletter, and also giving me feedback, which I really appreciate. Any feedback or responses to this newsletter are always extremely welcome! Negative feedback too, if you want. 

Feedback tip
Offer money for the most valuable feedback. This is an idea I’m experimenting with for I can tell when someone drops out of the ordering process, because I snag their email address as soon as they enter. In the past, I’ve asked for feedback as to why they dropped out or just given them a coupon if they want to come back and finish, but now I email them and offer them $20 via Paypal if they will answer a few questions about why they didn’t check out. This is the most valuable feedback for me, so why not pay for it? 
Tool of the week
Free Session Replay & Website Visitor Recording Tool | Smartlook
Tools I actually used recently
Ninja Outreach - Influencer and Blogger Outreach Software CRM
Tools discovered recently
Trumail | Simple Email Address Validation
Lumen5 | Video Content Marketing
Awesome Facebook Competitive Tool and Instagram Analytics Tool | Social Insider
Podcast of the week
How to Learn Marketing in Just 10 Minutes a Day
Articles for this week
It's Time to Talk About Startup Scam Artists
Startup Growth 🎯
The Scale Fallacy (And How I Learned the Value of Success That Was Steady, Not Spectacular)
How To Target Your Competitor’s Customers With Facebook Ads And More Starting From Twitter
Is the Long-Tail Keywords Strategy Still a Valid SEO Technique for 2017?
That's it for this issue
See y'all next week. Forward this issue on to someone else who could get something out of it!
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