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People say they like the growth tips, and I had some coffee before I sat down to put this together, s

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People say they like the growth tips, and I had some coffee before I sat down to put this together, so I ended up writing three growth tips and some other stuff in here this week. Plus more tools and articles than usual, so I hope you enjoy!

Growth tips
1. Create an audience first however you can, whether it’s before you have a specific project to build in mind or not. Start a newsletter, curate articles or tools, start writing, start just helpful information sites, whatever it takes to start building up an audience of people who will later be interested in what you will build AND also help guide you on the direction you should take with your project. 
2. Pre launch traction. This is something I’ve never focused on before, and I regret it. I’m trying now to have a healthy size list of interested people before we launch MapPlug, and I’ll do that by building a waiting list via Twitter, betalist (not really ideal here but it helped), and content. Gleam did a great job with building an audience via a blog before selling a product. You know what sucks? Launching a startup to a crowd of nobody and a list of 0. Grow a waiting list, get feedback from them, get them excited, and when you launch then people might actually care. The book Launch by Jeff Walker is pretty great, and anything Bryan from Video Fruit says about building a list is gold too. 
3. You can still get sales from Twitter! That’s insane to me, but I asked a customer yesterday how he found me, and he said “well you followed me on Twitter and I checked you out and ordered.” That blows my mind because Twitter seems like a half-dead wasteland at times, but it still has active users. So take advantage of that. Post content and tips and articles, pin a Tweet trying to get people to sign up for some sort of lead magnet so that you can get them on your list, and then copy followers of your competition, interact with other people and grow your own following. It still amazingly works. (I’m using to grow the Twitter and they’ve doubled it so far)
Free tool tip - I actually started because of my bad memory and having trouble remembering all these weird tool names (specifically, forgetting the name of Instagress was the inspiration). I planned to start making lists of all the tools I heard about, then decided to make it public. But anyway, is now something I use a lot to organize tools and articles I come across. It’s easy to add to your browser, and is an elegant solution for bookmarking and saving what you find.
Feedback tip
Run surveys targeting users of your competitors and ask them what they like and dislike most about those services, as well as what features you’d like to see added. This will provide you with awesome insight into what gaps they are leaving open that you could fill, and how you can basically one-up whatever they are doing. You can post surveys like that on Mechanical Turk, Surveymonkey, or with my service of course.
Honest advice
I have a friend who sells $7M worth of goods a year. And she admitted to me that she doesn’t feel like she knows what she’s doing. And I honestly don’t always feel like I know what I’m doing. And you know what? Most business people don’t. Where I am now, I’ve never been before. I have no road map. Nothing in college could prepare me for all this. I’m making it up as I go. Nearly everyone is. You fake it until you make it, but then you kinda keep faking it too. So if you feel like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, THAT’S FINE, because all entrepreneurs are like that, even the successful ones. Just keep learning, keep experimenting, be wise, and keep improving yourself and your projects.
Tool of the week
Glasshat SEO Tools - SEO Analysis and Management Tool
Tools discovered recently
Hire Dedicated Developers in Eastern Europe
Autopilot | Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Software
SEO Software for Search Engine Ranking Reports – Feedback Users Love to Give
Latest Offers - GetStarted
Gingko App
Podcast of the week
The Art of Paid Traffic | Proven Online Advertising Strategies You Can Implement Today - #142: [Case Study] How to Scale An Automated Webinar Sales Funnel with Grant Baldwin | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand
Articles for this week
Perhaps you should give up – Dan Norris – Medium
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Binky: The App That Does Nothing - The Atlantic
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Retargeting Case Study Part 3
User Psychology: How to Make Your Content Strategy More Effective
That's it for this issue
Thanks to everyone who has helped me make the site and the newsletter better for all of y'all. I love the startup world.
More sappy advice: If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to believe in yourself, because there’s no guarantee anyone else will. When I started my first business, Vacord Screen Printing, people said “you can’t make shirts for a living!” And I didn’t listen. And I’ve since sold about two million dollars worth of custom screen printing. And I’m glad I didn’t listen to them. “Create or hate”
(And visit Vacord if you ever need shirts for your startup 😊)
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