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So last week, I mentioned a bunch of Growth Geeks tools, and this week I'll list email tools that I s

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So last week, I mentioned a bunch of Growth Geeks tools, and this week I’ll list email tools that I suggest people use. Next week, it’ll be all the best free tools out there, so stay tuned for that. We also have a bunch of awesome user submitted startups this week too! 
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New user submitted startups this week
See all these user submitted startups plus the other tools I added to the site at
Teamleader enables small and medium-sized businesses to stay organized, build better relationships and collaborate with their team in a single tool. A simple and straightforward interface with a variety of integrations allows growing enterprises to successfully manage their clients, be more efficient, and work smarter.
Nitro lets you translate your texts into 40+ languages. Enter your text and comments, select languages, add funds to your account, wait for a few minutes to a few hours and then get your text, which have been translated by a team of professional translators. Nitro is awesome for translating private and business letters, texts for websites, product descriptions, tweets, blog updates, multilingual technical support messages. Nitro is much easier to use than working with a regular translation agency. And it achieves exponentially better quality than regular online translation services such as Google Translate.
Campus Starter is a rewards or pre-sales model crowdfunding site (think Kickstarter) that works exclusively with college entrepreneurs. They do this in two ways, 1) by giving a school/club a free ‘white-label’ page within their site for just their entrepreneurs or 2) by allowing a student entrepreneur to list at large. Additionally, Campus Starter offers a founder matching software via an API and access to partners like Open Legal, Xero Accounting and Deluxe for the entrepreneurs to tap into.
GrooveJar - Increase sales, email sign ups and boost conversion rates with our 14+ optimization apps built to help you make money. From email collecting and survey pop ups, to FAQ pages and apps that show happy customers, sales, and more. GrooveJar is free to try with no CC required. Use the coupon code “startupresources” to get 3,000 free website visitors (normally, users get 1,000 free when they sign up).
Goalchieve is an online, collaborative tool that allows users to share their knowledge, advice and experience in order to help each other achieve goals. Unlike typical q&a website, goalchieve allows you to split your big question into small, easy to follow steps. You describe what your goal is, and other users give you suggestions on how you should approach it. But here’s where the magic starts: once you get stuck again, you ask follow-up question, and the process continues, until you achieve your goal!
Flash Issue - Beautiful Email Marketing for Gmail. Design amazing emails with our drag-and-drop editor. Create mailing lists and send bulk email all from Gmail. Flashissue lets you get around the bulk emailing limits set by Google. Great for start-ups who want the convenience and speed of email marketing from a place they know - Gmail.
Veeroll - Easily create high converting video ads and video ad campaigns for Facebook and YouTube. Veeroll allows a newbie in video advertising, professional video advertisers or digital agencies to create video ads in minutes without any video editing. It’s free to start, and they have guides on making video advertising as affordable as possible.
Suggested Email Tools
Mixmax  - It’s awesome because it does a TON of stuff if you’re using gmail or Inbox, like mail merge, automated / bulk emailing, templated replies, sending emails later, mail tracking so you know when someone sees an attachment or opens an email. Most features are free! 
Sanebox - It’s awesome because it automatically sorts lower priority email (newsletters, facebook emails, mailing list emails, etc) into SaneLater and SaneNews folders so you aren’t distracted by having them in your inbox. (get $15 off through this link). - It’s awesome because it go throughs all your email subscriptions and lets you easily unsubscribe from the nonsense, AND it “rolls up” newsletter / blog / articles into one email daily, reducing inbox clutter.
Google Inbox - It’s awesome because it’s a slightly different approach to gmail, and has built in snooze features and suggested replies and lumps certain emails together, like for travel or purchases.
Follow Up Then - It’s awesome because you can email with a reminder and it will come back to you then, or forward an email to and not worry about it until next week, or BCC on a sales email when the client says they don’t need to talk more about the project until the fall, an easy tickler system. - It’s awesome because it lets you send bulk personalized emails from a Gmail account and it has really excellent drip features and stats on open rates, as well as conditional replies. 
Rapportive - It’s awesome because every time you get an email from someone, it looks up the email address and shows you their associated LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. - It’s awesome because it makes doing sales via email a lot easier with organization, tagging, templates, scheduled follow ups, drips, etc. 
Boxer iPhone app  - It’s awesome because it makes it easy to only have your phone check for mail every 15 minutes, which reduces your distraction (especially when used with Sanebox).

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My first income report
Inspired by Bare Metrics, Smart Passive Income, WP Curve, and Petovera, I thought it’d be interesting to put my own income reports up on Startup Resources, to get attention to my other projects, share the tools and tactics that I’m using to grow them, and to hold me accountable to my goals. Check out the January report here
Podcast of the week: Product People
EP59: Dan Norris and the 7 day startup | Product People
That's it for this week.
I hope everyone has a productive weekend, and I’ll be back next Friday, hopefully with the announcement of launching my new startup…
We’re working on a Startup Resources podcast, which should be out this month! Thanks to everyone who voted last week in the polls.
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