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Hi folks, The newsletter is back to its normal Friday schedule, and I'm recovering a bit from last we

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Hi folks,
The newsletter is back to its normal Friday schedule, and I’m recovering a bit from last week’s Appsumo crunch. It was intense for me, with the busiest part being the first 24 hours after their newsletter went live on Wednesday last week, but funnily enough the most stressful part was actually the weekend before that, when the Appsumo folks did a “soft launch” of the sales page for CrankWheel following which a lot of vocal folks from the Appsumo community were commenting and asking a lot of questions and I had to deal with quite a lot of negative feedback. I’ll blog about this in a few weeks’ time.
By now, it’s more like a steady stream of support requests, at a significantly higher rate than we had before (maybe 20x) but most of them fairly straightforward to handle, and lots to learn from.
Unfortunately, all this extra work is still keeping me from finishing the second part of the $0 Subscription Startup Stack, but I’m more than half-way done writing, it so it’s coming soon.
Let’s do another quick survey. I was lucky enough that the good folks at Survicate let me have a subscription for free to use for these surveys! As before, just click the most relevant answer to submit your response.
Question: In the last couple of weeks, which role have you spent the largest part of your time on?

Feedback tip
If you’re building a Chrome Extension, there’s a feature that not too many people know about that was introduced in Chrome 41, which allows you to set a URL that will be opened in a tab when users uninstall your extension. We’ve been using this in CrankWheel to show a very simple one-question survey (essentially, “how could we have served you better”), and it captures a lot of really useful feedback as well as occasionally alerting us to problems.
Tool of the week
Vivaldi - a web browser for power users
Tools I actually used recently
Saas 1000: Top SaaS Companies
Tools discovered recently
Narrow | Twitter Marketing Automation
Amplemarket | Midas - Enrich Your Email Lists
Amazon Lightsail
SplitMetrics Mobile App A/B Testing
Discounts for our Audience
Use coupon code SuR_Premium over at Logojoy to get 15% off a premium logo. I’ve been playing around with their editor, and it’s the best one I’ve tried so far. Lots of the automated suggestions are good, and then it lets you go quite far in customizing your logo. I’m about to order a logo there for a company I run with my spouse.
Articles for this week
MVP without code: the toolkit
63 Clever PPC Ideas to Test from Unbounce's CTA Conference
Competitor Keyword Research: Tools, Tips and Analysis
How our lives will change dramatically in 20 years.
That's it for this issue
Thanks for reading! I’ll be going back now to creating walkthrough videos of how to add CrankWheel to various CMSs and website builders. This was one of the most obvious needs that became apparent from doing the Appsumo launch so we’re doing a bunch of these this week and next. I find that a decent video is much less work to create than a decent written guide with screenshots, so that’s where I’m spending my time initially.
I’d love to hear more feeback on the newsletters. The short surveys folks have been responding to are helping me get a feel for the audience, so it’s tremendously helpful if you keep responding to those, but all your direct feedback by email or via Revue’s feedback tool is also really useful.
If you do software demos, or you have a need to show your customer work in progress, I’d recommend taking advantage of the $39 lifetime membership Appsumo deal for CrankWheel before it’s too late. At the time of writing it’s still available.
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