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Last week was some paid tools, and the week before that was all paid tools, so to balance things out,

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Last week was some paid tools, and the week before that was all paid tools, so to balance things out, today I’m listing a bunch of my favorite free tools. And I want to hear you favorite free tools, too, so hit reply and tell me your favorites and why they are awesome. Next week I may include your suggestions and if so I’ll give you/your project a shoutout. 

New user submitted startups this week
CrankWheel is free for individual use. Instantly share your browser tab or screen, zero preparation required, to increase sales and improve customer support. Your customer’s attention is captured. White label and other enterprise features available. Viewers can use any browser on any device, even their smartphone, and a preview window shows you exactly what they see and when.  Check out (also, this might be the only startup on the site from Iceland, how cool is that?) is a free platform for entrepreneurs to find and work with on demand accountants, and they do all the legwork of searching, inquiring and delegating tasks for you, saving you time and money. No more bloated accounting firm hourly rates, physical visits to “brick & mortar” locations, and wasted time searching on your own. Just tell them your situation and they will match you with the right accountant who will get accounting done. Check them out at

Articles for this week
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SaaS Churn Rate: What’s Acceptable?
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Drive Massive Traffic From Facebook (For Free): A Sumo-Sized Guide
My favorite free tools and resources
Last week was a bunch of email tools, some free and some paid, and the week before that it was a lot of paid Growth Geeks tools (though some have the first month free!). To balance out the universe, or at least your budgets, I wanted to list all my favorite FREE tools. Here we go… - Yeah yeah I had this one listed last week but really, it’s such an effective way of decluttering your inbox by either unsubscribing from things you don’t really want or rolling them up into one daily “everything” email. 
HTML5up - Really nice free html5 templates. I build a ton of my sites on templates that this guy makes (mostly from his pay site Pixelarity). 
Trello - This is how I organize EVERYTHING for my projects. Move cards of info around from column to column. A lot more fun than that sounds.
Campaign Monitor - It’s free IF you don’t send emails. But why would you want to use an email service without sending emails? Because their sign up forms can easily integrate into any theme and then you can store your waiting lists indefinitely without cost. You also pay a one time fee if you do want to email a list. I ditched Aweber after they charged me to simply store email addresses. Yeah right.
LastPass - Passwords are really annoying and LastPass does a great job of remembering them so you don’t have to. 
Wunderlist - Mobile and desktop todo list app that is awesome for shared lists. Want to add some stuff to the grocery list and have your spouse see it? Easy. 
Refind - Everytime I open a new tab (which is constantly), I get to see other articles and pages that people I follow on Refind have saved. How do you think I find so many good articles to share? Refind is a big part of it. (I’m vacord on Refind if you want to follow me)
Mixmax - Tons of awesome free features to add to gmail, like email tracking, email templates, etc
Tinypng - I use this everytime I add images to a site, as it does a great job reducing the size without reducing the quality (75% on average for a PNG!)
Self Control app - I work on the internet all day, but the internet is also where all the distraction is. Self Control (for Mac) blocks distracting sites for a certain amount of time, and there’s no getting around it.
Pomodoro One - 25 minutes of focus, 5 minutes of whatever, over and over all day will make you real productive. This one is for Mac but there’s a bunch of other pomodoro timers out there.
IFTTT - “If This Then That” automation, for example, if I tag an article in pocket with “startup” then it automatically goes to my buffer for the twitter. It’s like Zapier but less hardcore. 
What's your favorite free tool?
Hit reply and tell me what your favorite free tool is, and why it’s great, and next week I might include it, and give you/your project a shoutout. 
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That's it for this week.
Per usual, hit reply and let me know if you want to join the Slack group. 
Thanks, and have a great week
Yesterday I launched a beta version of, which is my startup that provides on-demand feedback on apps, websites and ideas. Check it out if you want, there’s a private beta up for the next week or so at I’m open to any feedback people have. 
Here’s what Sameer from said about the service: “Thank you so much for the invaluable feedback. It will definitely help me fine-tune things and improve Yapply. It was interesting to go through each user’s feedback and look at the application from their perspective. It uncovered some gaps and opportunities for me. I am positive that other products will find it very helpful as well.”
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