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Hey, it's Jói, 'cause it's another beautiful Friday!Have you had a good week? I've been having fun bu

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Hey, it’s Jói, ‘cause it’s another beautiful Friday!
Have you had a good week? I’ve been having fun building a win-win-win campaign for digital agencies to refer customers to CrankWheel (send agency folks my way if you know any!) and hosting a big party at the co-working space we work out of.
This week we have a newsletter sponsor, NodePing, who will be with us for this and the next three issues. They have a great product, so give them a warm welcome!

Sponsored tool of the week
Downtime is costly, NodePing Uptime Monitoring
Tool of the week
Web Scraper Chrome Extension
Tools I actually used recently
Power Up Your Inbox with Cirrus Insight - Cirrus Insight
Burst | Free stock photos for everyone
Tools discovered recently
New Landing Pages Creator by MailChimp
VIPhawk | Track Important Signups
Compress and optimize your JPEG, PNG and (animated) GIF files
Try Design Pickle Risk-Free Today
Podcast of the week
Lessons from Over $2M Spent on Facebook Lead Ads
Articles for this week
The Epic Guide to Bootstrapping a SaaS Startup from Scratch — By Yourself (Part 1)
The Complete List Of Equity/Debt Free Funding Sources For Bootstrapped Founders (15+)
7 Proven Customer Retention Strategies for Your Ecommerce Business
NLP, NLU, NLG and how Chatbots work
That's it for this issue
I hope you enjoyed it.
Did you buy any Black Friday deals online and have buyer’s remorse, or are you fully ecstatic? Or did you run any deals for your own products or services? I’d love to know! Next year, remind me to reach out a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving to see if you want to share any deals with the other folks on the mailing list.
I need to go full-on rant some time soon about Toptal, which I can now recommend heartily based on personal experience. As soon as I find some time I’ll do a full, super honest blog post on my experience working with the developer who delivered CrankWheel’s WordPress plugin, which we updated this week, yay!
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