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Another beautiful week in the Startup world! Here are some articles, some cool tools, and a discount

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February 19 · Issue #9 · View online
Get the latest tools and resources to help build your startup

Another beautiful week in the Startup world! Here are some articles, some cool tools, and a discount for my recently relaunched startup that helps improve your chances with online dating…

Articles for this week
Blog - The Sticker Mule Guide to Asana - Sticker Mule
7 Tips to Launch Your Business on Instagram | Latergramme Blog
How Jon Dykstra Made $1,006,761 With Display Ads in 2015 
5 Facebook Ads Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier
How To Create, Setup, & Grow a Highly Engaged Community With Slack — Hamster Pad Magazine — Medium
Shameless self promotion for this week
Are you doing online dating? I did on and off for over ten years, and the tricky thing was that I didn’t know what women really thought of my profile, or how to improve it. So I created a startup that provides feedback and rewrites of online dating profiles called Ignite Your Match. Get 10 men or women to critique your profile privately and securely, or have a professional rewriter take that feedback and apply it to your profile for you. I used this system on my own Tinder and OkCupid profiles, and now I’m engaged to a girl I met online, so I definitely “ate my own dog food” as the Startup saying goes. Give it a shot. Use gift certificate code “startupresources” for 20% off.
Cool tools for this week
Hamsterpad - Slack is an awesome chat system, but getting traction for your own Slack group or finding other interesting Slack groups can be a little tricky. Hamsterpad is an index of Slack groups. 
Maitre - Give early access to people based on their spot in the waiting queue, but move them up in the queue if they get people to sign up via a special link. This is a super effective viral growth tool. 
Slaask - Handsome support chat (it looks like Intercom) that interfaces with Slack? And it’s free???  I plan to use this for my own projects. I’m amazed it didn’t get more attention on Product Hunt.
Patreon - Interesting payment platform. If you have a podcast (or another creative endeavor) people can automatically give you $5 or something a month to help support your efforts. Some people are raising $100k+ a year for their podcasts this way. It beats giving money to public radio, right?  (Oh and if you want to get funds this way, sign up via that special link and you can get a bonus based on how many supporters you get in the first 30 days, between $50 and $500 extra)
That's it for this week
What’s the hardest thing about online business / startups for you? Reply and let me know and I can suggest tools next week based on what y'all say. 
Join the Startup Resources Slack via Hamsterpad  or if you’re looking to blow off some steam by chatting only in emojis (!) check out Emoji Mania HQ on Hamsterpad
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